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Having failed to get one in time for Christmas, I ordered one from on Tuesday evening - it said delivery Dec 27 to Jan 4th ...
... but I've just checked online with DHL and has just left their Vauxhall depot and is wiinging its merry way to me now! Nice surprise for the kids on Christmas day.


  • Mate,

    I see some programme the other night about people ending up with a brick in the box.

    Not trying to scare monger but may be useful to check the box before you sign for it and the delivery driver has gone?
  • Bugger, I ordered mine on Dec 1st from HMV and no sign as yet. Apparently Virgin Megastore in Bluewater got 88 on Monday morning and they sold out in an hour.
  • they have them in woolworths in tonbridge wells

    makes me glad I sold mine when I did
  • wtf is a wii???
  • google image search it.
    they're this new computer thing thats interactive, and the computer can see what you're doing and you can play tennis, and other games, by actually swinging your arm etc, just by holding the controls. all very clever, although they didn't order enough, and also some people have been injured by the hand things. pics of black eyes, and smashed windows!
  • Andy - you could keep this page open:
  • Woolworth's in tonbridge had 2 on tuesday, I doubt they lasted more than 30 secs, especially since Invicta published the info on their website.

    A lot of the damage photos look faked. How anybody can through a remote control like device hard enough to embed it in the case of their TV I don't know. Also notice that all the cases reported seem to be in the US and suddenly there's a class action law suit launched. Smells of typical suign americans trying to get some undeserved cash. Especially as every wii game tell you to firmly hold onto the remote whilst the law suit claims the "straps broke causing the user to let go of the remote", if they were holding on firmly there's no way the strap could break and even if a strap broke all by itself, if you're holding on firmly as instructed then it can't cause you to let go. If you're playing table tennis and let go of the bat you can't sue the manufacturer when the bat smashes a window.
  • had some this at 9:00 this morning and ebuyer had 60 on Tuesday afternoon (I almost got one!). Some Game, HMV and Woolies store have been getting them in, so they are around more and more.
  • [cite]Posted By: 04 MCS[/cite]wtf is a wii???

    I got Wii mixed up with WiFi and couldnt understand Salad was so excited. I then searched fro Wii website so now I know understand the excitement in the Salads household. Enjoy
  • Why, Wii, Why ?

    You're adults, stop dicking around and act your age !
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  • Is it a game the Geordies play? Wi i ?
  • [cite]Posted By: AFKA Bartram[/cite]Why, Wii, Why ?

    You're adults, stop dicking around and act your age !

    Thats the most sensible thing you have said all year! here here
  • [cite]Posted By: Medders[/cite]Is it a game the Geordies play? Wi i ?

  • lol WHY, wii, why.......
  • i got on the waiting list for one so i was lucky enough to have one on release day. My little boys been going on about nothing since he saw this n the telly and he's got no idea he's getting one so i reckon he will be pretty chuffed when he opens. it. I must admit though, i was pretty close to selling it when i first picked it up as they were going for 450 quid on the bay.. i thought he could settle for an xbox 360
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    they had some in virgin megastore bromley this morning if anyone needs one
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