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What is the one present.....

you just know you will get that you cannot stand ???

I made the mistake about 10 years ago of saying 'the Simpsons was quite good'. Infact, I have seen no more than about 6 episodes in my life.

Since then, no Christmas has passed without some Simpsons related memorabilia from my family, mainly nan's. Bubble bath, shower gel, socks, boxers, beer holder the lot.

I just know its waiting for me again....


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    DOH !!!

    I'm offski, have a good one. See you Wednesday.

    ps My mistake was saying I liked those Ferrera Rocher choc things years ago, now one of my sister-in-laws gets me then every bleeding year ! I'M SICK OF THEM!!
  • Some one will give my other half something to do with lavender...... Neither of us can stand the smell of lavender... oh, and she's 29... not 89 !!
  • Monkey nuts! Now dont get me wrong i like em, but my Ma in law (bless her) is murder, last year she got like 4 packs just as a stocking filler! I am expecting them in abundance this year! aaaarrrgggggg
  • My mum ALWAYS buys me one of those giant Toblerone bars. I love chocolate but I have always hated Toblerone for some reason. Many years spent hinting this fact to my mum have all been in vain. I'll swap it for a pair of Simpson's socks if you like AFKA?
  • Any clothes that are not designer
  • Maybe we could set up a Charlton Life swap shop after Christmas...

    Our first swap looks like being a bar of Toblerone for a pair of Simpson socks.....

  • Yes anyone that gets any Armani that they dont want let me know first please
  • you'll get what your given.
  • you'll be lucky to get a satsuma and a bag of nuts.
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  • I`m getting last season`s highlights dvd, any takers for swopping that !!, mind you it`s going to get worse, next year!!!!!
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