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Happy Birthday Charlton Life!

3 years ago today the site was born. Thanks for making it work over the years with all of your valued contributions. Shame results on the pitch haven't been as good as we would all have hoped.


  • Happy Birthday!
  • only 3 years? seems to have been around for ever!

    Keep up the good work guys
  • Woop Woop

    Congratulations to

    AFKA Bartram
    and any mods I dont know about ;o)
  • 3 years.............Well stone the crows!
  • weird !!

    i sent almost the EXACT post 2 minutes ago, and my pc froze !

    great minds
  • many happy returns to c/life.

    (and my mum)
  • Difficult to comprehend fully; mostly comprising nonsense; prone to ocassional rants; undeniably hilarious (both intentionally and otherwise); and incredibly compelling. Typical three year old.

    Many happy returns, CL.
  • where have I been for the last three years....
    Good work chaps/chappettes
    onwards and upwards!
    happy birthday CL.
  • Happy Birthday CL.

    Everyone who keeps the site going - creators, article writers, moderators, posters etc - keep up the good work.
  • its mine too! good to see i share a birthday with the site, what an awesome day to be born eh!
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  • Happy Birthday. Thanks for creating such a good site.
  • [cite]Posted By: Alex Wright[/cite]only 3 years? seems to have been around for ever!

    Keep up the good work guys

    & some !!
    HB CL.
  • Happy birthday all.

    I've been a member since 22nd August 2006 - I missed the first four days, shame on me!
  • Happy third birthday...

    Also joined on the 22nd August.
  • Happy birthday, good work guys.
  • Hang on, we've been utter toilet in the last 3 years and this site has been running for the same period............
  • Its so we can buy the club cheaply when we take over...
  • Shouldn't this be in the takeover thread then?
  • [cite]Posted By: WSS[/cite]Its so we can buy the club cheaply when we take over...

    I thought I saw AFKA coming out of the Valley puffing on a big cigar earlier, must mean that it's a done deal, CL now own the club!!! :o)
  • 22nd August for me as well, Happy birthday CL.
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  • Happy Birthday !!!!!!
  • Happy Birthday ....... to us!

    September 2nd 2006 I joined, so I'll have to wait a fortnight for my 'Member for 3 years' Charlton Life badge.
  • Well done guys Happy Birthday. Brilliance of this site in inverse proportion to the clubs fortunes. Still can have everything!!
  • 17th Aug 2006 for me..........premature again!!
  • It's spooky how the club hit the destruct button - coinciding with the birth of Charlton Life!

    Agents LoOkie and AFKA Bartram, are you really Palace in disguise ..... ?

  • [cite]Posted By: DaveStorry[/cite]17th Aug 2006 for me..........premature again!!

    I'm trying to work that one out as there are a few of you with that date.

    I can't remember properly, but i think i may have mailed a few of you whose emails i knew the day before (17th), and used you as guinea pigs to check the login procedure and give you a heads up we were launching the next day.
  • Kigelia has 08Aug2006 !!!!!!

    Never trust the techies - it's all lies I tell ye !!!!
  • happy 3rd birthday and many more to come!
  • Well done all, perhaps someone (no names no pack drill) should take the opportunity to update the home page...

  • Happy Birthday and here's to 3 points tonight to celebrate.

    This place can lead to obsessional behavior!
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