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Spreading the word

edited August 2009 in General Charlton
OK this is a bit silly, I was walking along Pall Mall and noticed a gallery with an exhibition of Football protraits ( It included the usual suspects Beckham,Lampard, Ronaldinho et al, but no Charlton players. the vistors book now has the following comment -

"Great portraits, but no Charlton Athletic players - surely an oversight"

Ok a bit silly but made me giggle back to Charring Cross on what has otherwise been a bad news day.


  • Your'e as sad as me Kap. If I go into a sports shop that actually has Charlton shirts, I make sure before I leave they are all at the front covering the Arsenal, Liverpool etc. much to the amusement of the wife. Mind you she then usually scolds me for not acting my age (I'm only 55!)
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