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  • Chappell: "It's fallen through AGAIN?!"
    Varney: "Yes, but we're going to break the news on the Charlton Life Takeover thread as FACT"
    Chappell: "More redundancies then! Better phone Chelsea and see if they still want Jonjo."
  • "Have we met before somewhere ?"
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    Varney: Do you know any reputable van-hire companies Derek?
  • Chappell - "You again?"
    Varney - "But this one is really really really serious"
  • PV "so DC, deal or no deal"
    DC "can I phone a friend ?"
    PV "wrong game fella"
  • Congratulations Derek we're happy to meet the evaluation.
  • DC - Can we shut up these numpties on Charlton Life for once and for all please Reg?
    PV - I know, what a bunch of mugs especially the pretend ex-director who wears moody cardys all the time.
  • [cite]Posted By: Six-a-bag-of-nuts[/cite]Chappell - "You again?"
    Varney - "But this one is really really really serious"

    winner imo
  • This morning I had another talk with the Charlton Chairman, Dicky Murray, and here is the paper which bears his name upon it as well as mine. Some of you, perhaps, have already heard what it contains but I would just like to read it to you. We regard the takeover signed last night to be seen as a symbolic of the desire of our two peoples never to go to war with one another again.....
  • I can't actually see the pic, can you give me the URL please so I can caption? Or, at least, try and think of a caption, not think of anything good and therefore have uselessly spammed this thread? Thanks :)
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  • " Yes,Mr O'learyKalamounktounGoldsteinShakinawraDavisTrumpIV.
    Here's his business card"
  • DC: Red Army!
    PV: Red Army!
    DC: Red Army!
    PV: Red Army!
  • Reg: 'Well, I heard you do your own filing now, so get on with it!'.
  • DC: "You... look different."
    Other guy: "Yeah. That's cause I'm Alastair Stewart."
  • Reg: The lads and I have had a bit of a whip round and have got you this leaving card....
  • OK ... throw in the phone ... and the deals done
  • "Alright, I'll swap what ever is in that mystery envelope for this mobile phone and the club is yours!"
  • 10p? 10p?
    You really are taking the p*ss Reg, now take that coin off my shoulder!
  • Chappell "I just got this text message from Richard"
    Varney "What does it say ?"
    Chappell "Cant read it, its in Arabic"
    Varney "Your not getting this brown envelope now"
  • I've just started a discussion on Charlton Life, 'Who's better, Dowie or Parky?', and the bastards have sunk it!
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  • "If this doesn't go through this time I'm gonna kill ya, resurrect ya, and kill ya again".
  • RV: Right, Derek, all I need now is your bank account number and sort code and I'll get them over to the new owners straight away...
  • "You've lost a lot of reds, so this is a fair offer... The banker's offering you seven thousand pounds for the envelope. Deal or no deal?"
  • "Think i just got a text from Simon Jordan - something about Orange Wednesdays.."
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