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We've got our Charlton back!

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Parky and the boys - thanks for bringing back the TEAM and togetherness I have wanted to see for some years now.

We've got our Charlton back!!!!!


  • Amen to that.
  • Can i get a hallulijah!
  • And the fans are right behind, expect both the Colchester and Norwich away games to be sold out
  • It's amazing, I'm absolutely loving it. Five games, five wins and I can see us picking up three more points on Saturday.

    We are Charltons' red and white army!
  • Am again immensly proud to support Charlton, just shows what having a consistent line up and dare I say it stable management structure can do for a club.
  • Let's make sure the board doesn't flog off a few good players before Tuesday before we start counting our blessings.

    It is great to be at the top of the table. Even the Third Division table.

    I think we will have a little better picture of where this club might be going after the transfer window closes, takeover announcement or no takeover announcement by then.
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