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Tranmere v Charlton - Player ratings

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Be grateful if those of you who went could copy and paste the bit below and give your ratings out of ten (half marks allowed):

Elliot -
Richardson -
Dailly -
Llera -
Youga -
Sam -
Semedo -
Racon -
Shelvey -
Bailey -
Burton -


  • Elliot - 7
    Richardson - 7
    Dailly - 7
    Llera - 8
    Youga - 8
    Sam - 9
    Semedo - 9
    Racon - 9
    Shelvey - 8
    Bailey - 8
    Burton - 8
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    Elliot - 8 little to do, but what he had to he did very well
    Richardson - 8 sound as a pound
    Dailly - 8 Mr dependable, didn't put a foot wrong all game
    Llera - 7.5 (would have been an 8, but does he need to include the theatrics ?) dominated in the air and looked untroubled
    Youga - 8 let himself down with a poor challenge early on (which he could have gone for in another division) but made up for it with some sound defending and good attacking play. Set up Sam's second.
    Sam - 10 doubt he can play any better and two goals into the bargain.
    Semedo - 9 keeps doing what he does well and a goal aka Kish !
    Racon - 8 slow start but looked the biz second half
    Shelvey - 9 ran and ran and ran, played some excellent neat football and was so instrumental in the first goal which got us really going.
    Bailey - 9 Captain fantastic and a goal when he intended to cross, but they all count and it was a quality ball in.
    Burton - 9 just hope that those batteries that he's got in are duracell's and he stays playing like this for the whole season, great touch to put Semedo in for the second

    Parky 10 - Very impressed with Phil this season and the work he has done on Sam this week was so well rewarded (took him off last week and Waggy puts in a great cameo, Phil lets him know how well Waggy did and was pushing for his place. Then on Friday he tells the world how good Sam is and what great belief he has in him and on Saturday Sam delivers). His team are delivering in spades at the minute.
  • 9 the lot of them save for Lloyd Sam 9.5
  • Elliot - 7. Not much to do, but when there was, dealt with it well
    Richardson - 8. Lookied lively, good link up play with Lloyd.
    Dailly - 6. Didnt really notice him really, made some errors.
    Llera - 6. Same as above
    Youga - 7. Looked dangerous coming forward, shame about the dives though Kelly.
    Sam - 9. Ran the show. Unlucky not to get 3
    Semedo - 8. Was alright, Good goal, dont expect him to do that again though.
    Racon - 7. Running rings around the Tranmere defenders/mids. Should of shot more tbh
    Shelvey - 7. Alright, didnt look interested some of the time and stormed off, temper temper Jonjo.
    Bailey - 8. Ripped apart the Tranmere defence. Good flukey goal.
    Burton - 7. Got past the Tranmere defenders easily, should shoot more and jump to get the ball aswell, and actually move sometimes.
  • Elliot - 8 - Very little to do but safe hands. Makes goalkeeping look simple and rapidly developing a rapport with the fans that will earn him "legend" status at this club. Nearly wet himself over the ginger ball boy episode and the crowd's reaction as well.

    Richardson - 8 - Great partnership with Sam forming, impressive going forward and comfortable on the ball.

    Dailly - 7 - Can't really fault the performance. Wasn't enough to do to warrant a higher mark apart from stand and admire what was going on up the pitch.

    Llera - 7 - As above. Unlucky not to get on the scoresheet late on, with a header hooked off the line.

    Youga - 8 - Far better game than anything he's offered for a long long time (and I must admit I'm not a fan of his at all). Good going forward, gave the ball away a lot less. I disagree and think it was a stonewall penalty... if it wasn't, should have been sent off but the ref bottled it either way. Shame about the poor challenge early on.

    Sam - 9.5 - He's got every quality you need in a winger. Pace, trickery, confidence to take players on. He often lacks an end product. Not today. First class performance, full of energy... two headers (can you believe it!) and could've had two or three more. Frighteningly good today. Tranmere had half the team closing him down by the end of the game.

    Semedo - 9 - Dominant performance that summed up the team. Stole the ball in the midfield time after time, used it effectively, and even scored his first goal, which I thought was a cracking effort.

    Racon - 8 - Full of energy and his partnership with Semedo is what's going to set us apart week in, week out in this division.

    Shelvey - 8 - Good performance. Cracking left-footed delivery for Sam's first and good midfield interplay and movement. However, and a big however, please drop the attitude Jonjo, it isn't on and the likes of Parky, Kinsella and Nick Bailey should not hesitate to tell him as such. Unnecessarily stroppy when substituted and stops playing to shout and holler at teammates (including at Richardson when it was Shelvey's fault he wasn't down the line helping out). You're good, very good in fact. But you haven't quite made it yet son, don't ruin anything.

    Bailey - 7.5 - Steady performance, outshone by others but if any more was needed on the day, rest assured there was plenty left in the tank. Interesting goal to say the least!

    Burton - 7.5 - Ran tirelessly and a couple of times he was a bit of luck away from getting on the scoresheet himself. High quality link up play.

    Parkinson - 10 - Can't ask for more. Worked Sam up a treat and is doing his job impeccably at the minute. Everything he touches is turning to gold. He even had the humility not to bring anyone with pace on late in the game like Wagstaff or McLeod as we could have had 10.

    CAFC FANS - 10 - Fair number given the bank holiday/length of trip/travel difficulties. Good noise and a party atmosphere particularly towards the end. Some of the humour (the Barnes out stuff, the Inter Milan stuff etc.) was class. Finally giving Parky the credit he deserves as well. A privilege to be there.
  • Elliot - 8 didn't have much to do but did it well
    Richardson - 7 linked well with Sam but a couple of misplaced passes in defence
    Dailly - 7.5 solid
    Llera - 6.5 got a bit wound up in 2nd half and was near to sending off
    Youga - 7 getting more help from Bailey and therefore more solid
    Sam - 8.5 best I've seen him play
    Semedo - 8 solid well taken goal
    Racon - 8 playmaker
    Shelvey - 7 good centre for 1st goal, great energy and passion
    Bailey - 8 interchanged well with Youga
    Burton - 7.5 Never stopped running and good skill

    Parky - 10 after what he's got from us in the past

    Fans - Thanks to the lads at the back a great atmosphere, I wonder how we sounded to the Tranmere fans

    Overheard from a Tranmere fan on the way out " no disgrace to get beat 4-0 by that lot"
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    Elliot - 8 Looked secure, excellent handling, nothing much to do.
    Richardson - 8 Poor distibution early doors then excellent defensively and going forward.
    Dailly - 8.5 Don't think he put a foot wrong again.
    Llera - 8 Good performance, silly booking and general oscar antics.
    Youga - 8 Another good performance, one mistake which got him booked.
    Sam - 10 MOM His best performance in a Charlton shirt two excellent headed goals and tormented their FB
    Semedo - 9.5 Another top performance. He really is a tidy player, took the goal really well.
    Racon - 9 Oozes class.
    Shelvey - 8.5 How good is he for a 17 year old. Set up the first goal with a great run and cross. Tired a little 2nd half.
    Bailey - 8.5 More solid quality from Captain Marvel. Had a nasty knock first half but carried on as normal
    Burton - 8 Worked tirelessly again. Shame he didn't score with his header, just jumped a fraction early.

    Spring - 7 Slotted in OK
    Tuna - 7.5 I like the look of this kid. He was lively as soon as he came on and he seems to have good technical skills.
  • Elliot - 10
    Richardson - 10
    Dailly - 10
    Llera - 10
    Youga - 10
    Sam - 10
    Semedo - 10
    Racon - 10
    Shelvey - 10
    Bailey - 10
    Burton - 10
    I didnt go I'm just chuffed with my team!!
  • Elliot - Looked very confident and comfortable throughout. Collected crosses well and worked well with CHs. A few orbit kicks. Good interaction with the away fans. 7
    Richardson - Strong in defence. No mucking about. Got forward quite a bit. Final ball didn't always work out for him. Hence the header from No1 in Sth London! 7
    Dailly - Great bond developing between him and Llera. Always talking to each other. Never gets flustered. Good with the crowd. 7
    Llera - Going to be a legend this guy. Really up for it. Not surprisingly draws a lot of attention to himself. Bit theatrical at times. Got a silly booking for pushing at free kick in the Tranmere box. Honestly thought he was going to get sent off late in the game after another clash. What size are his feet! 8
    Youga - Good game. Made it difficult for himself following the early booking. Worked well with Bailey who covered for him when he went forward. Involved in a couple of good moves. 7
    Sam - MOM. Terrorised Tranmere whenever he had the ball. Ball seemed to stick to his boot. Two good headers for the goals and inches from getting a touch for his hat-trick. Done out of a good call for a pen as well. 9
    Semedo - in the thick of it all the time he was on. Great awareness and finish for his goal. More of them to come I'm sure. 8
    Racon - Solid wihout being overlly spectatular today. So much going on in midfield it was hard to see who was doing what! 7
    Shelvey - All over the place. Real livewire. Brill move and cross for the first goal. Unlucky not to get on the scoresheet himself early on. Got the away fans going as well. Encouraging more noise at corners in seconf half. 8
    Bailey - A real rock. Always there making things happen in midfield, covering at the back and a great help to Youga. Took nasty knock and was limping for a bit. deserved his goal. Great captain, sorting things with the ref etc 8
    Burton - Very selfless display. Kept the Tranmere defenders busy all game and held things up well. Played a part in the Bailey goal by distracting the keeper. Nearly got a touch to it himself. Thought him and Tuna looked like a possible good pairing for the future. 8

    Spring looked ok when he came on. Nothing flash. Sprayed the ball about well. Tuna looks good. Nearly had a dream debut but just hesitated at the last moment when he broke through the Tranmere defence and let a defender block his shot.

    Credit to Parky. Got it perfectly right today.
  • Elliot - 8 Not much to do, but distribution was good (barring one Kielyesque kick)
    Richardson - 8 Great to see him overlapping the winger and tracking back, a great signing
    Dailly - 8 Rock solid, not a foot wrong all game
    Llera - 7 Dominated in the air but was clumsy and niggly at times, seems to spend a lot of time with hands at his sides protesting at the ref.
    Youga - 8 A great chance to give the lad an 8. Won a couple of good defensive headers when Tranmeres crosses came in, showed both attacking and defending sides to his game and did well. Rash challenge early doors was stupid though.
    Sam - 10 At last we are seeing the best of Sam, playing with confidence and seemingly loving it
    Semedo - 8 Positionally best player on park, allowed those in front of him to enjoy themselves
    Racon - 8 came into his own as game went on, another player keen to get forward and tracking back
    Shelvey - 9 Jonjo really worked hard, did all of the closing down in the centre of the park, and covered at centre half!
    Bailey - 8 Lucky goal but put it in the right spot, dropped back after 70minutes to play more defensive role. Directed the play
    Burton - 9 Deon has been fantastic this year, to be honest at the moment I think Id rather have Deon on his own up top that any other two strikers as he allows all the midfielders to get forward. Won so much, beat players twice his size to the ball and always came away with it.

    Spring - 7 Didnt get a chance to impose himself despite the situation at 3 up. I remember a couple of misplaced passes, but on the whole did a job
    Tuna - 7.5 Came on and really wanted it, taller than I remember (altho last time I saw him was quite a few years ago!) movement good and pretty quick, looking forward to seeing more of him

    Parky 10 - Really happy that things are gelling for Parky, he can be proud of a side that works for each other and encourages each other, two points of note, players when they score now celebrate with each other, not one player running off to the fans and today when players lost the ball they went after it. Two small things that perhaps show that Parky has turned around the majority of Pardews culture. Tactically all was good, not panics in defence, everyone seemingly knew their job and got on with it well, the movement is midfield was fantastic, fullbacks got forward and players tracked back to cover. Charlton closed everything down and didnt leave Tranmere any room, the coaching staff must have done their homework on Tranmere as cross after cross was delivered into Tranmeres box to the back post over the head of their centre back and non commital keeper.
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  • What everyone else said above.

    Elliot - 9
    Richardson - 7
    Dailly - 8
    Llera - 7
    Youga - 8
    Sam - 9
    Semedo - 9
    Racon - 8
    Shelvey - 8
    Bailey - 8
    Burton - 8

    Parky - 10.

  • Elliot - 8
    Richardson - 8
    Dailly - 8
    Llera - 7 Lost a point for his histrionics
    Youga - 7 Should try to avoid getting booked so early
    Sam - 9.5 The best I have ever seen him play and he looked likle he enjoyed it so much himself
    Semedo - 9 He really is the cream
    Racon - 8
    Shelvey - 9 His best game so far. His running and effort just seemed so much more thoughtful, especially his off the ball movement.
    Bailey - 8
    Burton - 8
  • Elliot - 8 didnt have much to do but we love him!!
    Richardson - 8
    Dailly - 8
    Llera - 7 due to a few dramatics!!
    Youga - 8
    Sam - 10
    Semedo - 9 great goal
    Racon - 9
    Shelvey - 8
    Bailey - 8 another great goal
    Burton - 9, didnt give up and looked gutted he didnt get his toe to Baileys shot!!
    Its hard to give scores when we totally out played the opposition!!
    Jonjo looked p***ed to come off but thats a good thing I think, shows he cares! Tuna looked like a threat when he came on, maybe could've done with another ten mins?
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    most of our goals so far (7/13) have been scored in the a 10min period in middle of the first half ie. 21-30mins
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    Elliot - 8 - Didn't have much to do, but did it comfortably, and has such a rapport with the fans, its always a pleasure to watch him play

    Richardson - 7.5, Looks solid and comfortable defensively, being harsh, a couple of crosses were poor, but good link up play with Sam, got forward very well.

    Dailly - 7.5, Didn't notice him too much, but very calm and assuring.

    Llera - 7, A bit of a character, love his enthusiasm but very theatrical and i'm sure he will end up being sent off this year for something!

    Youga - 7, Great cross for Sam's header- typical performance, some good and some bad!

    Sam - 9.5, Got two headed goals, and completely terrorised Tranmere defenders who couldn't handle him. Great trickery in front of the fans towards the end, bamboozling all 3/4 of the defenders trying to catch up/tackle him, then winning a free kick.

    Semedo - 9, Very solid and links play up very nicely, passing excellent aside from a wayward one or two. Good goal, and shows the fluidity of the midfield that despite being the holding midfielder he got forward to score - very well taken.

    Racon - 9, So dominating of the Tranmere midfield, was always a yard quicker than any adversary, any 50-50 tackle was his, and passing and dribbling was excellent.

    Shelvey -9, Superb play and cross for Sam's first goal, still can't believe he's only 17. Wanted the ball all the time, and plays so intelligently. Been said before, but he will be such a great player - just hope it is for us.

    Bailey - 9, Real Captain's performance, got stuck in, won everything and scored again, albeit luckily. Covers Youga so well and has really made that left hand side position look easy.

    Burton - 9, Works very hard up front on his own, hold up play was excellent and uses his body to such great effect. Tranmere defenders were very tight to him, but never bounced off him and always offered an outlet. Looked absolutely gutted not to have scored when he missed getting a touch on Bailey's cross/goal.

    Special mention to Tuna. When he grows and fills out I think he will be some player. In the warm up he looked technically superb but slightly nervous when playing as to be expected. Gving him 10/20 minutes run out will do him a great deal of good.

    Again, a great performance and completely outplayed Tranmere, only reason defence didn't get higher is because they had so little to do!
  • Elliot - 7
    Richardson - 7
    Dailly - 7
    Llera - 7
    Youga - 7
    Sam - 10
    Semedo - 9
    Racon - 9
    Shelvey - 8
    Bailey - 8
    Burton -7
  • surprised to see so many 8s for Elliot, that suggests he must've been making some outstanding saves
  • its hard to do player ratings as it was so easy lol

    give Sam a 10 from me though! :P
  • [cite]Posted By: Salad[/cite]surprised to see so many 8s for Elliot, that suggests he must've been making some outstanding saves

    Or maybe he just did his job extremely efficiently, good interaction with his back four, commanded his box well, decent distribution, inspired confidence and overall effective contribution to team effort ..... ?

    Even if he didn't need to make a string of outstanding saves - if he makes his job seem routine, and not conceding, then his worth at least the average team rating.
  • that's why I gave him 8 Oggy... to the word almost
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  • [cite]Posted By: Oggy Red[/cite]
    [cite]Posted By: Salad[/cite]surprised to see so many 8s for Elliot, that suggests he must've been making some outstanding saves

    Or maybe he just did his job extremely efficiently, good interaction with his back four, commanded his box well, decent distribution, inspired confidence and overall effective contribution to team effort ..... ?

    Even if he didn't need to make a string of outstanding saves - if he makes his job seem routine, and not conceding, then his worth at least the average team rating.

    I only gave him 7 because he didn't have to make any difficult saves. He did all he had to very well indeed. Confident and commanding throughout.There were a couple of 'orbit' kick clearances. Oh sod it. Make that an 8 :-)
  • Elliot - 8 - for reasons discussed above, controlled the back line and did all that was asked.

    Richardson - 7 - Again, wasn't really troubled too much defensivly but was solid and linked up with Lloyd well

    Dailly - 6 - looked a bit clumsy at times, although did win some good headers.

    Llera - 7 - commanding in the air, but again prone to errors and hoofs it an awful lot.

    Youga - 7 - got forward well with Bailey and was fairly comfortable (for Kelly) at the back

    Sam - 10 - I can't fault his perfomance, one of the best i've ever seen him, seems to have finally got the confidence he's been longing for.

    Semedo - 9 - So comfortable on the ball and controlled everything that went down the centre with Racon. Top goal

    Racon - 9 - Similar to Semedo, those two just ran the midfield.

    Shelvey - 8 - Typical Jonjo game, running all over the pitch and a great piece of work for the opening goal.

    Bailey - 8 - again, typical Bailey game, creativity causing problems and great tackling. Linked up well with Youga

    Burton - 8 - Good hold up play again, strong, seems to be taking to the lone striker role extremely well. Superb work for Semedo's goal.

    It's difficult to rate the defence as high as the midfield as they hardly had anything to do, but what they did, they did without problem.

    Fans were brilliant, was right at the back in amongst it and the humour was top drawer! GREEN ARRRRRRMY
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