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Sorry if it's been done, but did anyone see the frankly bizarre article on the back page of The Mercury about the fact that he was considering switching to the US in order to get international recognition. Now, I'm more than delighted that Darren has decided to stay and there may not be much between him and Rob, but surely the prospects of getting a call up for a country with three keepers playing in the Premiership when you're a League One second choice keeper, must be remote to say the least.


  • Would be a strange one, especially as he's already been in and around the senior setup with the RoI. Seems to me he'd be better off concentrating on getting himself in our team first, although I don't fancy his chances right now as Bobby E is playing very well indeed imo.
  • I saw that yeah. I think it's really a case of him saying in the future he'd be happy to play for Ireland or USA. He surely knows at the moment he's not going to get called up.
  • Couldn't see him getting above Tim Howard in the USA team, even if he was playing regularly for someone
  • Apparantly the guy on the villa bench, Guizan is very higly rated in the US set up as well so Randolph does not really have a chance. If he did switch would be a waste as he would only travel 1000's of miles to sit on the bench. Least with the Ireland set up, Given may be undisputed first choice but there is no set no2 and if Randolph gets a run in the side at some point he could force a call up
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