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Johnstons Paint trophy

edited August 2009 in General Charlton
Should we win it? Have we ever been in this cup before? If so how did we do? When is it played? Who have we got in the first round? Loads of questions i know but think we prob should win this this year.


  • going out of the league cup was a blessing because we are not going to win it, we haven't got a quad big enough to cope with a run and if we did have a run in te cup it could be to the detriment of the league form...this paint trophy on the other hand could be perfet for those on the fringe of the first team, bearing in mind parky has seen the light and kept a winning team together, and will add a bit of extra spice to life if the club can reach the final, which aint beyond the realms of possibility...
  • Yer it could give others a chance to pull through the squad and give others a try as ultimatly the league is the most important thing for us this season. Almost wish we wernt in the FA cup as like the League cup we aint going to win that.
  • Like I said in another thread we were lucky enough to get a bye to the second round (it's drawn randomly, only teams that had a bye last year couldn't have a bye this year).

    Got to use it to play some of the fringe players, and might well be a good opportunity to give young players like Solly, Tuna and Mambo a game.
  • O right yea i forgot about the Bye. Apart from the cash do you get anything special for winning it. Agree about the frindge players comment could be very useful.
  • Surely we get a trophy if we win.... ;-p
  • BIG BIG BIG Trophy !!
    See Soccer AM next Saturday........
  • and a trip to wembley
  • 100,000 pounds for winners plus share of the final gate (300,000). see Football League website
  • But you cant do a Carling Cup and play the reserves - Clubs will be required to include in their starting line-up at least 6 of the 11 players that have started most often in first team games this season.
  • [cite]Posted By: cholland[/cite]But you cant do a Carling Cup and play the reserves - Clubs will be required to include in their starting line-up at least 6 of the 11 players that have started most often in first team games this season.

    That's not a problem though, that still leaves room for 5 fringe players. Wouldn't have been good for the young players to put in 6/7 of them anyway, 2/3 of them plus players like Spring, McLeod and Randolph would be a good mix.
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  • I wouldn't like to gloss over the fact that we use to win the Crown Paint Cup down at Wellling each season so it should put us to go forward in the Johnson Paint Cup. I don't want to get too emulsional but the signs are with us as we have never lost in any cup competition with the word Paint included. - unless Mr Cameron can put me right.
  • We'll get Millwall in this at some point - FACT
  • [cite]Posted By: vancouveraddick[/cite]We'll get Millwall in this at some point - FACT

    Hope so, we will white wash them.
  • Spring will score.

    It'll be a matt finish.
  • Does anyone know a good stripper?
  • Imagine being at Wembley again, when we could brush aside our opponents.

    Preparation is the key.
  • Guess Parky would prime the lads re the opposition...
  • Winning this would put a gloss over the recent disappointments...
  • Is there a glimmer of hope of winning this cup or will it all varnish in front of our eyes....?
  • There's a lot of people on here who are quite nervous about a good run in this cup and I don't want to tread on egg shells.....
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  • It will be nice to win this, then celebrate by painting the town red.
  • This is the wrong cup for papering over the cracks of our lack of defensive cover.
  • We do still laquer centre back to cover for Llera or Dailly
  • Perhaps we could sign players called Hugh or Tone ....?
  • Or Jacko and Elmo from 'Brush Strokes' . (is Karl Howman still a supporter?).
  • I'll second that emulsion....
  • As long as we play the game in the white spirit!
  • It's just the way our midfield sprays passes, in the air or sole responsibility.

    Right, I'll get my coat.
  • That would be the top coat then would it Oggy?
  • Anyway.................
    Spanners losing 1-0 at Barnet..................
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