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Phil Parkinson on 5 live tonight

Just listening to the Newcastle/ Leicester game and Phil Parkinson will be a guest on tonight's edition of League round up on radio 5 live.


  • what time is that on?
  • Think it's 10pm
  • Cheers
  • Ridiculous -he swhould be negotiating signings not swannig around doing media gigs :-)
  • Is he on the Chris Waddle bit?
  • Same takeover talk.
  • Hardly worth making the efforts to listen to, virtually a repeat of the post match interview on Saturday. He made one reference to the "potential" takeover, and that was it.
  • What a complete waste of time that was. They didn't even ask him about any transfers in or out. Didn't like the way he mentioned us having trouble selling the club, like Newcastle are, but hopefully something will happen over the next few weeks.
  • Parky stressed the importance of having his settled team. He made the point that being top of the table makes us a more attractive proposition for takeover.
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