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Lifers on Christmas Eve

Cosy night in alone / with the family


Go out and get smashed ?


  • Cosy night in - I'm too knackered to do anything else at the mo!
  • Bit of both for me- having a meal at home with a couple of friends, but will almost inevitably involve considerable amounts of Alcohol.

    Have to admit that, as i have aged, going out on Christmas/ New Years Eve has lost it's attraction.
  • probably going to pop out for a meal with wife and son
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    This year for the first time in a few a quiet night at home, normally it is one of the few nights of the year I go to the pub.
  • Going out for a few at 6ish with mates and back on the sofa with wifey by 9.00.

    Unless I get led astray...
  • Prepare the veg for tomorrow, Midnight Mass and a few drinks after
  • 630 mass,then kids to bed takeaway and wine.
  • Doing absolutely f*ck all.
  • ive got the 2 bob bits so im doing nothing tonight.. just hope it clears up for tomorrow.
  • arm deep in housework at mo, then walk round to family for a few jars
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  • cross country skiing at 1
    a few friends round at 5
    7 - 11pm trying to persuade over-excited 2yo to go to sleep :-S

    have a good day everyone, the Fulham game is on TV over here - so there is no escape!
  • getting numbs the pain
  • just some from work after working my arse off this week - going to have a bath, something to eat, wrap those bloody presents and then slope off to the pub. Cheers, and merry Christmas.
  • Just done the spuds, been to see my parents on holiday in Dorset, sausage casserole for tea with a couple of beers, a good glug of red wine, Calender Girls on TV and then some stocking stuffing. Did the pub with neighbours on Friday!
  • was meant to be going out, but now staying in, best go, corrie's just starting!
  • just bumped into ct_addick from the other board.
  • Stuck at home with the In Laws and a crate of Stella.

    God I hate lager.

  • lol bartram - what is it with xmas and the wifes insisting on a proper clean up of the hOUSE. My missus the same.
  • I'm on the isle of dirt (sheppey) with the other half and her folks

    been to the pub where it was like the ok corall

    now sitting here trying to numb me toothache and take in the news
  • Most pub are like that down there. I'm there tommorow.
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  • my dad came round earlier for a chinwag on our dire situation and manager. put all the kids pressie's around the tree, and just wrote them a letter from Father Christmas. feeling very festive now we've got a new manager. just ben telling my wife all about it but she doesn't share enthusiasm or relief.

    Merry Christmas fellow addicks.
  • we were discussing the situation earlier round the dinner table, my 85 yr old nan doesn't get it or care for it, and just announced she supports manchester united. i have no idea why!
  • chamge of earlier plan, drunk far more and stayed out far later than planned. Shots on Christmas Eve, should be banned.

    Merry xmas all.
  • Went out, got hammered...crawled in at 1AM.
  • just me and mrs mcs stayed in our new flat (wey hey) and drank some carling, had a kebab!! Wierd night as i found out about reed and pards!
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