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Christmas present disaster ?

Right then, what was the worst present you got ?

Mine was a left-handed golf club.

Nice club, but i play right-handed.....


  • A shredder.

    (I've already got one, anyway.)
  • Mum bought me pants,one size to small.
    She knows I'm a big boy
  • What is it with people buying clothes at Christmas? How many Next fleeces can one person endure in a lifetime?
  • Don't know about presents, but good to see the back of mother in law. I'm sure Les Dawson modelled his gurning on her apperance. Only woman i know who can multiple bum burp without brussel sprout assistance.
  • A control your woman remote control. No batteries required, just positive thinking. The moment I try using it I can see myself getting a slap!
    Or the token underwear & socks.
  • underwear and socks are useful in my eyes (does that mean i'm getting old??)
  • Didn't get a dodgy present, at all. Everything fits, everything works and everything I wanted. Deep joy
  • Chocolate Liquers, don't eat chocolate, don't drink liquers or spirits.
  • Loved all my presents
  • worst was a metal set square one of those really long ones... what am I gonna use that for?????

    best 70s charlton shirt..
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  • A can of Brut deodorant. Fooking Brut I tell you.

    Lats, Addickted, Stone - let me know if one of you want it...

  • i'm sure they'll swap it for some of the Old Spice they got !!
  • I'm not sure which is worse... Brut or Old Spice?
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