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International supporters day on saturday

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Hi all

Sinch ISC died little have been done to encourage the supporters over the world to feel like we are a part of the family. On Saturday there will be focus on Internatinoal supporters, the Oldham game. Not a big event bout you have to start somewhere. We hope this will live on so this event can be done twice a year. Once in October and once around Christmas. For taking part of Saturdays event contact the ticket office/commercial center. what follows is what you can buy in a package. Since there's lack of time not many may have the possibility to show up but I hope the word spreads so there can be more of us meeting up next October (or this Christmas).

he Fans' Forum have been working together with the club to secure a package for our international fans that are coming to the match on Saturday versus Oldham.

The various package details are as follows:

eal in legends, photo by pitch to be emailed

ntrance to crossbars lounge, photo by pitch to be emailed

programme, entrance to crossbars lounge, photo by pitch to be emailed

ould go direct via Ken, the manager, on 02083184321 and you should mention that you are attending the Charlton v Oldham match should be mentioned to receive the rate.

Please contact the Commercial Centre to arrange your booking.


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