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Southampton Away Pub???

edited October 2009 in Match Day Travel
Hi anyone know where the majority of Charlton fans will be drinking when we go down there? my group will b getting there by 4 so anyhelp will do cheers


  • JTJT
    edited October 2009
    I'm not sure there will be enough people there to form any kind of majority!
  • I think most will be in their front room!
  • i'll be there but i live in southampton and my mates support saints so i'll probably be in one of the home fans pubs. saints away game last season there were quite a few in the yates, but they were being watched heavily by police. alternatively there is wahoo bar which a few people i know may go to (used to be walkabout and accepted home and away fans, not sure anymore). if you need any directions to any pubs, just ask.
  • For the amount of people going you could buy a pack and all share a park bench!
  • Keep away from the Parkside.

    The Victory opposite the station is the safest bet.
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