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World Darts

Where are the characters?
John "Stoneface" Lowe, Jocky Wilson, The Carfty Cockney, Dave Whitcome, Bobby George and Big Cliff Lazerenko!!


  • I love it, think its great. Think WSS went the other night.

    The one thing that might ever stop me going Charlton would be 'goal music'. But if they ever insisted on it, i could just about take the tune they play at the end of sets.
  • I went on Boxing Day and was on tv far too much for my liking!!

    Had superb seats and it was a superb night, they only sold XXXX and Stella so you can imagine startin at 4.45 and finishing at 12.30 got pretty messy!
  • I think the music is called Follow the Sun.
    Whatever happened to Keith Deller and his wobbly arrows?
  • Chase the Sun by Planet Funk
  • "One hundred and eiiiggghhhttttyyyyyyy"....
  • Mates brother is there,

    He just rang me and he said he saw Graham Stuart, Reidy and Youngy.
  • missed the match between Taylor and Mason, sounded a right needle affair...
  • Mason absolutely embarrassed himself with his pathetic reaction at the end.
  • Mason is a loose cannon, never quite been right in the head
  • [quote][cite]Posted By: Rothko[/cite]Mason is a loose cannon, never quite been right in the head[/quote]

    a loose cannon, blimey its arrars
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  • I love the Darts, been off work all week and spent the afternoons watching it.....tried to get tickets but left it till December, would love to go at some point.
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