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The Manageress

All this talk of Hope Powell being touted as the first woman football manager in mens professional football has got me thinking back to the TV programme back in the late 1980's called 'The Manageress' played by Cherie Lunghi. It ran for 2 series and was on channel 4. I had both series on video at one time and now for the life of me can't remember what I have done with the tapes. It has not been repeated on TV for years and never released on DVD. Any one out there still have a copy? Would love to watch it again as I thought it was excellent. Cheers


  • She was well fit then wasn't she, I would've.
  • It was on Sidereel at one point. Can't imagine anyone would have demand that it was taken off. Can't get on to check at the moment though as I'm at work.
  • Cheers. I'll check that out later as I can't get on that site at the mo as i'm at work too.
  • Check out 4OD as they've put up most of the back catalogue, certainly have made all the Comic Strip presents available.
  • I'm feeling a Mr Jolly Lives Next Door coming on...
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