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Pardew - a difference

edited December 2006 in General Charlton
I noticed a big difference in the side last night, a different air about the team, better football, tactics, a sub at half time (not sure I agreed with it though), Romm and Thom both playing better, still not convinced by Ambrose despite the goal.

Also Pards has immediately spotted the lack of leadership and character and our inability to marshall defensively at set pieces. I know us lot have been saying it for months, but the men on the ground seem to have missed these factors, or just failed to do something about it.

Let's hope he can get Elvis, plus a midfielder or two and a striker while he's at it. Personally I'd flog Young if we can get some decent money for him, and stick it in the kitty.

I'm not sure we can get out of this mess now but Pards appointment seems a good one based on the above, but I guess we shall see..



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