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Roll call/explain yourself!

Why are you on here at this time of night?

Me, I'm watching Band of Brothers on FX+ and am taking the opportunity to catch up on the days postings now that the missus and nipper are in bed - whilst scoffing cashews and guzzling Stella!


  • because I'm sad!
  • It's only 8pm here. Otherwise bored silly and not in any mood to get on with the things I actually need to get done.

    There were coyotes in the forest behind the house earlier. Howling. Well, I think they were coyotes, but who knows? Could be something else, but I'm not going out to investigate... I reckon they were very close.
  • Drinking Becks, it is between Xmas and new year! Also been watching B of B on Fx.
  • The cricket ended early as well.
  • Lookout: You'll know if they were coyotes in the morning - there'll be empty "Acme" crates all over the place where they've taken delivery of anvils, jet-propelled roller skates and the like.

    (I'll get me coat!)
  • Have weird sleep patterns. If I'm going to be awake at stupid o'clock, may as well do something vaguely interesting.
  • [cite]Posted By: LenGlover[/cite]because I'm sad!

    The above is undoubtedly true but I am (theoretically) drinking with my middle daughter although she has spent most of the last hour on the phone to her boyfriend which is why I find myself here!
  • What is it about women and phones Len? I'm thinking of getting my missus surgically removed from ours!
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