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Order of "Who's online"

What dictates the order of the names on the left? (AFKA/LookOut?)

The only way I ever seem to be at the top is when I'm the only one here!


  • order of poularity !

    No, its done on when names first registered on the site.
  • I know it definitely can't be "popularity" - you are always at the top and yet you kind find anyone to drink with between Christmas and New Year!!!
  • LOL, or on a Friday lunch

  • Have you tried changing your deodrant? (or maybe wearing some?)
  • hey cheeky bandit. us northern addicks seem to be at the bottom of this list. wonder if there is a north / south divide.
  • Damn you Valley_McMoist!!!
    I was just about to post that I was top of the list (only cos I was the only one here!)
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