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Freddy Eastwood

edited December 2006 in General Charlton
I know it's only the Sun, but it's reported that Pards will make a £1.5m bid as he wants him to partner Bent (Darren that is!)

Also wonder where the Dowie story has come from ?, from within the club or not ?, the article does quote 'one charlton star (do we have any?) who does not wish to be named'


  • would be easy for eastwood to relocate. he could tow his caravan into the west stand car park.

    as for the dowie story, i heard whispers a while ago about his brothers involvment (coincided with him leaving palace), and the wigan story i also heard that he arranged to meet at the hotel for 11.00, he hadn't shown up and at 11.30 reed took the players to the ground. dowie blew his top saying the meet was for 12, thats when reed approached varney/murray about the working relationship.
  • eastwood could well b our saviour!!!!!! althou we need to centre midfield fighters b4 we sign any1 else

    dowie and sun story, sounds like theyve just asked any fan in the north stand, heard most of the points as 'rumours' in last few months

    oh well thankfully he's gone, unfortunately he's distroyed the club and left it in reet state but we've got super Al now so it'll b grand
  • Totally agree with the Freddy Eastwood comments,i stated several weeks ago that maybe we need to take a chance on a lower league player,i think he would be a good signing.
  • I'm sure after this seasons exploits that Eastwood will cost more than £1.5m. I think Southend would only sell for a lot more than this, and so I'm n ot sure we'd be able to afford him.

    I think there would also be other teams in for him if we were.
  • Adding more light to the Dowie "Wigan affair", when they showed that game on Foxtel's highlights package here, after Jackson made it 3-1 you see Dowie turn round and start pointing and shouting something clearly derogatory to someone about halfway up the main stand.
    That did not seem that significant at the time but when he was sacked I went back and watched it again and he was obviously having it out with someone, probably Murray or Varney because you can see Reed standing behind him.
    As for Eastwood, he is out of contract in the summer, so Southend would be mad to turn down hard cash for him now when they are in the financial hole they are in.
  • I would prefer Nugent.
  • don;t know too much about eastwood but isn't he fairly small? We need a big man to aim balls at for benty to run onto
  • I doubt that we would get Eastwood for £1.5m. I seem to recall that after he scored against Man U in the cup, his chairman was saying that they wouldn't even consider offers below £4M. At that price he would be a gamble.

    I would like to see us get Forrsell on loan from Brum.
  • Forrsell injury prone
  • [cite]Posted By: pete_tong1[/cite]Forrsell injury prone

    Thats why we sould get him on loan. Test his fitness first and then possily buy him in the summer. If he conks out, we ship him back.
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  • Freddie would be a good signing if we can get him for the same fee that we can ditch M Bent with.

    He has proved himself at Championship level so if we do go down we know we've got a gooden to get us back up with.

    Seem him probably a dozen or so times, good workrate, very very skillful and finishes well, I hope we get him.
  • [cite]Posted By: Eltham_addick[/cite]I know it's only the Sun, but it's reported that Pards will make a £1.5m bid as he wants him to partner Bent (Darren that is!)'

    I very much doubt Southend would accept £1.5 million for Eastwood, he was being touted for £3 million after he knocked Man United out of the League Cup. If he signed, the back four would have to change their style of play as neither Eastwood or Benty would get much service from a 50 yard ball lumped over the top by El Karhouri (Yesterday's first goal is the exception!)
  • i think they'd prob except around 1.5-2 mill, end of th day southend rn't exactely bif club and thats a fair price considerin theyre goin back down to league 1 ( still can't et used these silly league names), and esp if he really is outa contract in th summer
  • I thought we'd looked at Eastwood, had him on trial at Sparrows Lane, and passed. Has he improved?
  • Undoutedly, that was over two seasons ago and he has consistently scored goals since.
  • There's a difference between scoring in the fizzy pop and the premiership. Remember Andy Jones?
  • And Darren Bent, Dean Ashton etc...

    It simply has to be our market.

    He's proved a handful in the Championship and didn't look too out of place against Man U. He has pace and a decent touch, and knows where the goal is. Southend Addick may know more, but he looks like he has the potential to make the step up, and will certainly be easier to attract than Nugent at Preston.
  • Don't take my post the wrong way, I'd love it if it worked out :)

    I just think that D Bent and Ashton (still unproven IMHO) are exception rather than the rule.

    All essentially fizzy pop strikers but regualr scorers in the PL.

    I knoow you'll say they don't score 20 but who does.

    Very few.
  • Very few indeed, but then we may not need 20 per season, 10 to 15 alonside DB would be fine.

    I'm not convinced that we should be focussing on Freddie, how about Smith on loan from Moan U?
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  • Looks like Smith will be loaned out to Big Sam the Bung at Notlob.
    It's just up the road for him.

    Eastwood will surely by no more than half what a player with 2 or 3 years of contract will fetch. Unless someone desperate is prepared to pay way over the odds.

    Remember Konchesky & Jensen went for cut price because they were in the last year of contract.

    Southend will sell for whatever they can get.

  • I've heard Trundle to Southend and Eastwood to us.
  • If Trundle came to us we'd need a JCB to carry him & JFH to away games.

    Anthony Stokes from the Arse would be a great future potential signing.
  • hearing rumours he is having medical at Fulham, involving a cash plus loan deal.

    Fulham also seem to have tied up that American Dempsey we were linked with in the summer....
  • Possible as they got 5m for Boa Morte whereas we simply haven't got the funds
  • he can swap his caravan for a boat then !!
  • [cite]Posted By: Bexleyheath_Red[/cite]I would prefer Nugent.

    i think the majority would but cant see it happening imo..

    didnt he turn down an offer from someone else not long ago?? or was my head playing tricks again!???!?!?!?!?
  • Preston turned down a £6m offer from Sheff Utd
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