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Post Charlton v Villa reaction

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Couldn't get the commentary, so watched the BBC text update.

3 points! That's all I know!


  • my marks out of 10:

    Carson 6 - not much to do
    Sankofa 5 - unconvincing, got better late on but fairly limited
    Traore 6 - steady if unspectacular
    Borat 7 - his bad pass lead to the penalty incident, shaky defending as usual but great ball for Bent's goal - tried hard
    HH 5 - not convincing at CB, silly challenge for the penalty but gave his all as usual
    Ambrose 9 - what has happened to Darren? barnstorming performance unlucky not to score twice & a threat to Villa every time he had the ball
    Holland 8 - ran his heart out & made some great tackles
    Kish 5 - poor first half, terrible distribution & looked off the pace
    Romm 7 - brilliant in flashes, great run for Barry's sending off - gave Sankofa litte support
    D Bent 7 - back to his goalscoring best,great finish for the equaliser
    M Bent 6 - quieter than vs Fulham but i like the partnership he has with Darren Bent - should retain his place for the next game


    Hughes 6 - quiet game with a few good touches but there when needed at the death
    Thomas 7 - probed away & his final ball was excellent at times
    JFH 6 - only had 10 mins but contributed positively which for him is an achievement in itself

    Overall - a very poor first half from both sides, Villa offered little upfront which was good because we still look soft in the centre - better second half & the win was deserved although i had a sinking feeling it wasn't gonna come = onwards & upwards

    a big thank you to Canadian TV for yet more live TV coverage with the Arsenal & Forest games also live :-)
  • Just back from the game, did not think it was a penalty, but having seen it on the box at half time I guess it was, from 1 angle not a touch, the other it looked like he definately took his leg.

    Thought it was going to be another draw, great that they kept going and certainly are stating to play as a team all be it a limitied one.

    Sankofa needs to try harder, though OK in first 45 minutes but faded a lot towards the end and was giving the ball away.
  • was deffo pen, but what the hell has happened we have believe looked great on th ball and were pingin pin point 30/40 yard balls, even rommerdahl played well (and i'm a huge critic of his, plays like that every game would deff keep him)

    can't get over it was really good team performance, every1 playin wantin to win, great, Super Al you gonna become an absolute charlton legend (even more than you r already)
  • I thought it was great! Great response from the players and us. Still stuff to work on, but the difference in some players is amazing.
    And apart from a dodgy moment when i thought they were about to make it 2-1 and somehow the ball went wide, I never had a moment's doubt.
    Ha ha.......;)
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    Main difference is shots, and shots on goal. Big credit must go to Pardew. Villa were poor, thought we had the better both halfs although started poorly in both.

    Disagree about Sankofa, am pleased with his progress, although still some way to go, his agression is good. Traore improved too, and needed to! Holland distribution also poor and sometimes off the pace, however not as bad as Kish.

    I hope we can (or have) pick up some decent midfielders, if so we'd have a real chance.
  • Disagree with the Holland comment,thought he was superb
  • yep Browny from the more limited perspective that TV gives i'm with you on Holland - looks a different player to the Reed/Dowie version

    Sankofa is obviously learning but positionally & distribution wise he was majorly lacking at times - i hope he comes good though, he will give us options should we go down & Young dissapears
  • Im absolutely delighted..... he almost got the six points we were after.. hes obviously up for it... his reaction was fantastic...... also ha has a history with Wenger.... could this play to our advantage on Tuesday??????

    I love it.... such a big win.....
  • Agree,but remember Sankofa is still only 18!
  • I thought he(sankofa) didnt look out of his depth...... wouldnt fancy him against ronaldo though.....
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  • Me neither but i think given time and the right guidance he could become a top player.
  • Im really pleased.... Pards (this is his new nickname) has made a big difference.... we need to step up and we have done.... a sneaky 4-2 against arsenal now and Pards knocking out wenger and our new year has started......
  • I think osei's been a bit of a revelation even looks good goin 4ward, personally (well aslong as he plays as well as the last 2 games) i'd b tempted to keep him in team when youngy's fit and poss play one of them in the centre, at least we'd have a bit of pace in the middle again, drop HH play talal, aslong as we sign a decent CM who does the simple things well, with reidy back in the middle and 2 of thomas/ambrose/rommers on wings with the other used as impact sub in 2nd half, could even put reidy out on left and play rommers or ambrose in middle (on 2days showing), with poss of another hungry striker with bent (eastwood would b quality and been linked with pardew b4)

    quite optimistic we just really need sign a half decent hungry CM player so don't have play hughes or kish, for all their heart they rn't really good enough esp not for 90 min
  • Can't agree about Holland, yes he is improved on last season, but still nowhere near good enough, some overhit and awry passes today as well - did make the odd tackle today though and not far off with that shot, so one of his better games perhaps. None of our other CM's seem to be able to put together two decent performances in a row.
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    I've been critical of Holland this season but thought he was immense today and deserves credit for that. Ambrose also looked much improved and Sankofa didn't let anybody down.

    Bent's goal was the one moment of real quality in an entertaining harum scarum game. Great ball from the Elk clinical finish.

    I was surprised to see Kish substituted as I thought we were equal to or better than Villa other than when they got the (dodgy) pen. Kish and El K were arguing about something so maybe it was connected with that. However cometh the hour cometh the man and that man was Hughesey!

    Hermann won the ball and Angel dived over his leg. No way a penalty in my opinion.

    Good to see them fighting and with luck we will be back to two wins from safety.
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    A young player like Sankofa needs support from the experienced players around him, but didn't get it from both Rommedahl and the two dodgy central defenders. Normally Pardew would substitute a defender for a striker after the red card, but he he couldn't because of the shaky defence. That's were our real problems are. And we missed Andy Reid, no other player can give a decent end pass.
  • Can't believe anyone could dig out Holland, he has been a collosus, absolutely superb, and he last couple of games have been the best he has had at the club.

    Had a better balance to the side, but for the large part of it I just couldn't help thinking we aren't good enough. Villa were well drilled and it looked like we weren't going to be able to break them down. Thought the substitutions were interesting at the time, and on reflection were spot on.

    I appreciate his work rate Len, but your man just simply isn't good enough consistently at this level to play centre mid. I'll never knock a trier, but this is an area Pardew needs to seriously be looking at.
  • [cite]Posted By: LoOkOuT[/cite]ZZ

    am i boring you ???
  • Funny how we see the same game differently but thought Matty Holland put in a really good performance today, he was strong, committed and i thought he laid off a number of good passes. I think the decision to sub kish was the right one as he was having a bit of a mare, nothing to do with lack of effort, but it wasn't happening for him today.
    I really like Reid, but not sure that we miss him that much at the moment , if we play with this increased tenacity in midfield and release our players with pace to run forward. We are undoubtedly quick up front with the Bents and Romm just behind. Also have to say, hands up, that Marcus Bent has shown commitment and skil as a target man I was really doubting he had.
    Could not quite see why he was subbed, but no matter we got the result.
    And I know there has been some criticism of Big Herm, but you couldn't fault his attitude at the end of the match, he was really fired up by the win and gave the little bald guy a right old knuckle rub on the pate as he left the pitch!
    It was a vital result that still gives some hope eh, and credit to all the players for it.
    And that was the loudest we've been for a while.
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  • LOL! No, I'm talking about our new all action defensive midfielder.
  • Pards said in his post match interview that Kish had run out of legs, and needed to come off
  • [cite]Posted By: AFKA Bartram[/cite]Can't believe anyone could dig out Holland, he has been a collosus, absolutely superb, and he last couple of games have been the best he has had at the club.

    Completely agree AFKA, Holland was immense today. MOM in my opinion by a long way. Disappointed to see Bent come off as well, he came alive towards the end of the game. Holding the ball up well & making some cracking runs, where has all this been before?
    Any negative comments towards HH I feel are a tad harsh, apart from the penalty he hardly put a foot wrong. El K on the other hand, some important clearances but still a big liability.
    Solid performances from Ambrose & Romm as well as Traore!!!!
    Looks like the captaincy may give Bent a lift, looking like the player he was last season. Running his bollocks off, no sniffs at goal but when the chance came he took it.
    Great end to 2006, quality atmosphere. Come on you Addicks!
  • i thought gareth barry was excellent and with him still on the pitch i couldn't really see us scoring.the difference in the two sides.

    el kak and herman,although being well up for it,just seem to switch off and in the premiership you really get punished when that happens.

    thought darren bent was terrific too with holland,not too sure about kish today or sankofa but romm was very dangerous and would not like to see him dropped soon.

    carson,i just seems more vulnerable lately and where has this ambrose been?
  • All round solid performance.

    Thought the 2 centre halves we all over the shop for large parts of the game and we just cannot comfortably defend set -pieces or corners at all.

    Thought Holland had his best game for a long time, he actually did 2 tackles and got his foot in!!

    DBent worked his nuts off again.

    However, F*****G Arsenal.

    What an absolute shower of *hit at Sheff United. But fair play to United they dig in harder than most sides.

    Aliadiare has exactly the same career path as Carlton Cole.

    Know doubt we'll be signing him......
  • Stand outs for me, in order of importance. 1 Holland 2 Ambrose 3 M Bent 4 D Bent 5 Traore (yes that left back who showed he can be of use to us!)
  • Holland and Sankofa were both excellent today, Kish was off the pace but still did well - he does the messy jobs well, which is why he is needed in the team. I like Amady Faye, but I feel Kish is the better bet for this role.
    [cite]Posted By: Oakster[/cite]my marks out of 10:
    Borat 7 - his bad pass lead to the penalty incident, shaky defending as usual but great ball for Bent's goal - tried hard
    HH 5 - not convincing at CB, silly challenge for the penalty but gave his all as usual

    These two give me sleepless nights, I actually hid behind my hands when Talal had the ball at one point this afternoon - I feel nervous whenever El Karhouri gets the ball, I'd hate to think what Scotty C thinks!

    Great result by the boys, Pardew has made them look like a team again, Benty is on form and I am more positive than ever!!
  • One last thing, I would like to apologise to the fella infront of me who nearly got strangled when Hughes scored the winner......I got a tad excited m'lud!
  • [cite]Posted By: LoOkOuT[/cite]Couldn't get the commentary, so watched the BBC text update.

    3 points! That's all I know!

    Just back- we had a passion back today-had that rare sense of inevitability that we would get the 3 points we deserved rather than lose it at the death. Unfortunately in the big scheme of things, Sheffield Utd's result, that i watched with my Gooner brother ( and it pissed him right off!!!) means we need to go to the Emerates and get at a result to stand still.

    Nevertheless- was a GrEaT game to be at today!
  • Thought EVERYONE did their bit and were bleeding excellent.

    We are desperate for a dominant CB El Kak and HH scare the life out of me.

    As for El Kak's pass had a classic moment - I stood up berating him for yet another f###### long ball there CB is going to win - lo and behold we scored - oh how I got stick from the lads around me and rightly so.

    Sankofa is slowly getting better and better and looked excellent agaisnt a class player in Gareth Barry
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