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New Years Eve...

Anyone doing anything exciting?

Im going to a fancy dress party. Hate fancy dress but the theme is favourite film stars. Luckily I used to do a bit of kung fu in my youth so will be going as Karate Kid.

Polish on, polish off.

Happy new year everyone.


  • It's "wax on, wax off" isn't it?
  • Lucky Soul at the Hope and Anchor
  • Pub in Crayford.
  • Having a party with lots of drink and food and silly party games,might go out later to the royal observatory greenwich park and watch the fireworks.HAPPY NEW YEAR to all charlton lifers.
  • I'm on call-out. Only every 3rd or 4th year so can live with it. Glad we done Meal and Embankment fireworks etc last year with this bloody weather!
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