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Let this be true!

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Warnock wants Jimmy Fatarse Hasselbaink

Ok, so it's only Teamtalk, so about as reliable as the bloke on my row who thought it was a three o'clock kickoff yesterday, but it's a nice thought. Perhaps we could ask for Jagielka in exchange?


  • As long as they cut in a deal that he cant play at The Valley (cos you know he'll score) then SELL SELL SELL.
  • It was in the Sunday Mirror as well - talk of £1m - is warnock off his tiny mind - SELL SELL SELL
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    Maybe a double whammy - we sell JFH to the Blades and then sign Kilgallon :)
  • Warnock's been on Sky Sports News chuntering on about how he only wants English players this transfer window.
  • My West Ham mate reckons we have a replacement in the bag already.

  • Could be a good move as he hasn't been involved and would probably fancy a move,warnock likes to have at least 6 strikers and has money to spend.
  • Oh PLEAAAAAAAAAASE not Mr Marleen 'pointy head' Harewood.
  • Surely Harewood is just Marcus Bent without a brain?
  • Sell JFH on the condition that Warnock has to pick him especially against us!
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