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Friday quiz

1) What number football shirt did Stanley Matthews always wear?

2) Who is the only footballer to have scored in every round of a World Cup including the Final since the introduction of the Group stages?

3) Who is Liverpool’s most capped player of all time?

4) Between which two football clubs was the first ever penalty shoot out to decide a competitive match?

5) In the 2000 European football championships, who was the only player to score 4 goals in a single match?

6) What was the first English football club to have under soil heating installed?

7) Which English football club was the first to have an all-seater stadium?

8) Which footballer holds the record for the fastest hat-trick, scoring 3 goals in less than 5 minutes?

9) Who was the first black footballer to score for England?

10) What was used in the 1973 FA Cup Final and never used again?


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