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Biggest Arris Vote: David Whyte or Jimmy Floyd Ownsabank

edited December 2006 in General Charlton
Enough with the white lycra shorts Jimmy....

Happy 2007 all

*plays Things Can Only Get Better*


  • oh my god JFH wins HANDS DOWN

    Biggest pair of football shorts I've seen since Fatty Foulkes

  • I actually laughed when he run on !

    He looked like Big Momma's House. I'm sure his shorts were painted on !
  • David Whyte, for scoring a great goal against reading at elm park.
  • Jimmy looked like he had a nappy on!
  • I see your JFH and David Whyte and raise to Danny Shittu.

    Admittedly the rest of his him was huge as well, so it didn't look so big in comparison, but I'm sure he used to have his shorts specially made.
  • I seem to remember Mickey Bennett having a particularly huge arse in his second spell with us?
    Also, Peter Garland, Joe McLaughlin and Steve Thompson surely deserve honorable mentions.
  • jimmy floyd lazyc**t coming on in those shorts, did one of the goalkeepers ask for the sightscreens to be moved.
  • it's adisgrace that a player at this level can join a club in the summer (possibly a bit out of peak fitness) and still be a fat b 4/5 months later. what is the backroom team doing about the player's dietry needs? looks like they're supplying courtesy cards for domino's pizza, victoria wine and thornton's. this club need a good kick up the a**e.
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