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Some fans didn't enjoy it when their team got a penalty this weekend.


  • The Bradford one is v funny. But the Norwich one is hilarious.
  • what happens in the norwich vid?
  • [cite]Posted By: c/a/f/c[/cite]what happens in the norwich vid?

    Some dude falls down the front 2 or 3 rows and nearly smashes his face on the sponsor boards. He's soon up continuing to celebrate. It was probably that kid wearing the superman shirt who was 'larging it' when we played them at Carrow Road.
  • One of my sons friends is a spanner.The Spanner and another mate went to the Gillingham game earlier this season. One of the Millwall players had a shot, my sons mate saw his pal wasnt looking as the ball was heading straight for him and blocked it with his arm.....end mate unscathed, the other with a broken arm in two wait for it, funny as it wasnt the first time it had happened to him...same thing happened a couple of seasons ago at the toolbox.
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