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Local Flooding History

Looks like another day of fun on the railways.......the walk to dartford station takes a good 10 mins later longerdue to having to dodge the lakes laying the the road and the threat of wipepot from the ooo so funny drivers..........anyway am i right in thinking in about 1968 we has one mighty flood in crayford dartford as i am sure ive seen pictures of folks being rowed along the Crayford hight street by the Town Hall.......... can any old uns on here can confirm that was the case...imagine that now not being able to get the 96 to Bluewater shocking !!


  • yes the whole of Crayford town centre was flooded. water was up to Bear and Ragged Staff pub.
  • must have been a right a sight from top of Crayford Hill. ...... making nm think what Crayford was like with Woolies......The White Swan and local shops thinking about it think its better now..........
  • Ragged staff,thats not very nice if you happen to work there is it.
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