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Ricky Gervais, Stephen Merchant & Karl Pilkington Podcasts

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Anyone else a fan of these?.

Thought they were getting a bit tired, but have really enjoyed the Guide to....series. For anyone that is interested they have just started releasing a new set of Guides.

Guide to Society came out last month and Guide to Law & Order today. The Guide to society has a hillarious discussion where they set Karl up as Prime Minister & ask him to justify his decision to make the wearing of crash helmets optional.


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    Old thread but been watching the cartoon shows of these on 4OD. Makes me crack up.

    Anyone else been watching these?

    last weeks with Karl getting caught looking at the women undressing whilst he is doing the washing up is brilliant.
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    Yeah I've listened to them all and I'm watching the series. Brilliant stuff. Gervais' quote on Karl Pilkington... "If you think he's a genius you're an idiot!"
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    Pilkington on Everest:

    ''So whats really interesting right, is there was this guy, and he was climbing Everest right, and so he's on the cliff face, doing whatever and he puts his hand up onto a rock and its like 'donggggg' he thinks, oh er..whats that? he puts his other hand up and he hears 'ding donggggg'..... Piano innit.''

    ''Your talking sh*t!!!''

    ''someones been tipping''
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    Recently listened to these - brilliant fun!
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    Been surprised that they have left so much of the risque stuff in the animated series. Expected them to be dumbed down.

    The series got better as it went along. The Guides To.....are longer each around an hour and are also much funnier. The last one was The Guide to The Earth. The huge row at the start about "not needing the word earth" is very funny.

    Have had a number of laugh out loud moments with these whilst listening on public transport.
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    If anyone likes the podcast, you should try to get hold of the 90 odd episodes of the xfm radio show before they started the podcasts.They are so funny. Have over 100 hours on continual loop on my ipod. And I think yu ca still get them for free from (xfm have released edited versions on itunes if you cant be bothered to look)...

    Look out for the episode where Karl does the feature 'Song with a story', where he trys to explain how Eric Claptons song 'wonderful tonight' is actually about a bloke in a wheelchair. Listened to it on the train and had me in stitches.
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    Agree that while the podcasts are very good (the awful series 3 aside), the xfm shows are far, far funnier stuff. Not just cos Karl is a lot more natural, but also because Gervais is almost as good at times. Love the 'Wonderful tonight' interpretation.
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