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30 Dec 2000 Man City 1-4 Charlton

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What a day that was! A fantastic performance and double over City (8 goals went past Nicky......) only a few days after we got tonked 5-0 at West Ham.

That goal from CJ was amazing.Everything went our way that day against the Massives.

Who was there?


  • we beat Man City today? Great result! Mancini out! ; )
  • Didn't know the game was today............
  • pork pie my old son you goin walsall ?
  • Yeah Steve I will be going. Not sure about the weather though.
  • hopefully see you there mate if not have a crackin new year you nutter
  • I was there but missed the first 15 minutes. It was a great game and Jenson's tackle is one of my favourite Charlton moments!

    'Weaver, what's the score? Weaver Weaver, what's the score?'
  • i remember this day, had to drive from aberdeen to luton cos our flights were cancelled(poxy easyjet) and the radio reports coming thru from maine road made the journey a lot easier in the not so fast skoda hire car that we were in
  • I was there with you Porkpie!
  • I was at the beamback (remember those) in floyds. Great day. I had been at westham on boxing day with a stinking cold and had to sit in their end with a mate as they ruined us. horrible.
  • I was there, went to every game that season and that was amongst the highlights. The game was great but one thng that sticks in the mind is watching everyone struggle with the icy stairs at half time culminating in one bloke falling ass over head all the way down them. Rather cruelly, me and my mates cracked up because we'd seen it coming ages before.

    Great memories, as sad as it sounds, I would love to be able to still go to every game without any worries. My wife, kids, mortgage and credit card limit have put paid to that.....................
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  • Witnessed the woeful game at West Ham and this game made up for that a bit. Good day out.
  • What a great game that was. Their goal was a penalty wasnt it, pretty much at the end of the game... Kishishev gave the pen away and, I think, Huckerby, put it away?
  • Remember being dragged round Bluewater that day, was well pleased when I saw a couple of the latest scores on the televisions in House of Fraser.
  • I was there & apart from our goals, remember slipping & sliding to the ground from the car, parked in a sort of field.
  • Claus Jensen wondergoal....... :o)
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