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Madrid - any tips?


Am off ot Madrid on a stag at the beginning of Feb...anybody been and able to provide ideas/hints/tips on bars and clubs etc?

Only thing I know we are doing is watching Real vs Espanyol...otherwise the weekend is a blank canvass....



  • Was there at the end of October, great city. Lots of bars and clubs to go to but for some reason I can't seem to remember the name of them, it was Halloween when we went so lots of parties going on in the squares, not sure what its like on a normal Saturday.

    We went to the Real v Getafe match was quite entertaining, the tour is worth doing as well. Other than that I would suggest just walking round the city, a lot of nice architecture if you are in to that, if not just head to a bar.
  • Madrid tip: If they're after Jonjo take no less than £20 million
  • Went last year around that time, was a quality weekend! although if you dont want to spend much dont go to the strip clubs, they are expensive! although you get what you pay for :-) some nice russians,,,,,,

    I would suggest meeting up with a hen do while out there as we did aswell which is also good laugh as everyone up for it!

    we had a poker night too which we found a place to do it for us which was ok, cant remember what any of the places called got about 4 hours kip over that weekend so make sure you book of the monday as i was shattered lol

    Have a good one
  • Kapital nightclub.
    BEST ever
  • Yeah - firebomb the Bernabeu
  • Just ask for ''chupar y cosquillas''
  • Bar d'Angelo for a gentleman's evening out.
  • When you go into the Real Madrid game watch your pockets. Its not the Spanish - there are lots of clever Eastern European pickpocket gangs operating in the crowds. When I was there an old guy fell over right in front of me and natural reaction is to bend over and help him up - a few minutes later realised my back pocket was that much lighter...! Apparently there are lots of them at it....
  • hotel plaza mayor is central, quite cheap and quiet considering the location. lavapies is a good place to go for a cheap indian and loads of late bars but can get a bit dodgy there at certain times with shady street dealers!
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