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Problem ?

The car decided it dosnt want to go into gear this morning , the gears it has fallen out with being 1st and second ! so my Bro in law tells me there is a garage near the Blackheath Standard. I walk all the way there. No garage. Inmy haste i have left my mobile behind. I find a phone box which takes £1.50 off without puting me through to Bro in Law. I walk all the way back home. How am i going to get the car to the garage? how am i going to pick the Mrs up from work? what will be the cost? how long will the car be away for?--- not a happy chappy i get home. Siting there at 11AM with a cup of tea i turn the news on------- Problems ? troubles? grief ? what the f**K have i to worry about when you see those poor (in every way) poor people in Haiti ---------------truely sometimes we dont realise just how f**kin lucky we are.
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Roland Out!