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Hotels in Bath

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I have my 50th coming up and i'm hoping to have a weekend in Bath to celebrate it. Any suggestions for a good hotel?


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    got to be the royal crescent hasn't it? although trip advisor don't like it too much anymore so maybe not.

  • [cite]Posted By: ThreadKiller[/cite]got to be the royal crescent hasn't it!

    Book It!

    Not stayed there but one of my mates has ... apparently it's brilliant.
  • I can highly recommend Lucknam Park
  • Stayed at the Bath Paradise House Hotel a quite a few years ago - lovely place in a good position and it has a car park, which is a bonus. Might be different now, but we really liked it.
  • Options suggested already, the royal crescent is hit and miss, used to send visiting guests and clients there at old place of work, with mixed response.

    The Macdonald in the city centre is good and nice and central, for a boutique hotel go for the queensbury, near assembly rooms

    or a bit more pricy
    Bath Priory (restaurant is amazing)
    Whatley Manor (a bit of a way out of Bath but v.highly recommended)
  • We'd been looking and found this link helpful. All a tad costly for us though, so it's campsites and caravan, again. Apsely House had some offers on, but not through TA.
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    Bath Lodge its like a castle its really nice and not to far into town and the owner always runs you in and picks you up later
  • i went about 10 years ago stayed in a lovely hotel right near the roman baths sorry can't remembr the name of it tho
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