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Im Rich !!!

ye ha i knew it was just a matter of time.
Mind you i never knew i had relatives in Togo ? so it was a huge surprise to me when i received an email from a lawyer in Togo telling me a relative over there had died and left me £28 milliom of the queens pound coins. All i had to do to get my money was send him my full name,address , and my bank account details. Loverly jubbly.


  • Well done GH. Don't forget, ask them to check if you have any relatives in Nigeria. You could double up.
  • Well done Rich.

    Some guys have all the luck eh?
  • lol GH, takeover charlton.....
  • What I want to know is how they stole them from the queen in the first place
  • [cite]Posted By: johnnybev1987[/cite]lol GH, takeover charlton.....

    He could take over f'ing Togo with that sort of money!!
  • who's falling for these things? I mean, really?
  • they must poppingtheir clogs everywhere,i had one of these from hong kong on monday
  • I had one from woolwich
  • People are still actually falling for this and doing loads of money in the process. Generally the elderly are the ones..... So be careful Oggy ;-)
  • we must be cousins GH as I got the same message.

    Always knew we had a lot in common ; - )
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  • edited January 2010
    You wouldn't believe the stupidity of some people FCF. I worked for lawyers a while back, contracting doing database admin. Part of the job also involved supporting their mail system. One of them lost close to 10k in an advance-fee fraud scam (the same type as the one you've just 'struck it rich' with).

    The US estimates close to $100million is lost BY AMERICANS ALONE on this type of scam every year.
  • [cite]Posted By: Leroy Ambrose[/cite]The US estimates close to $100million is lost BY AMERICANS ALONE on this type of scam every year.
    I would imagine that it is mainly Americans who would be fooled by this though. :)
  • soooooooooooooo after geting 10 letters from HM Revenue and Customs to my address but for some nice east european gent suranme wins scrabbel hands down (crszczic or some such bollox) i realize that puting letters back inpost marked"not known at this address" (first half dozen) --- "c**nt dnt live live here" ( the next half dozen) dosnt work, so i open 1 to get phone number of HMRC. Phone up have to go through naffing form with this guy om phone 10 mins of my life. Then he says
    "can i help you with anything further ?"
    me " well actually im helping you"
    him " hows that ?" !!!
    me" yes can catch the cheating bastard from our new European friends, and go after him with the same vigor that you come after me if im late with TAX/NI/and VAT. He is riping you off-- go get him"
    him" i could not possibly comment on him riping us off. Probably an honest mistake" !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    me " im sure you cant comment but ill remember the honest mistake ploy myself next time"
    him" are you sure it isnt one of your neighbors who may have used your address for a relative of theirs" ( i kid you not that what he said)
    me " so you cant comment on if this guy is bogus or not but can suggest it might be a neighbor thats doing it ?"

    how the World must laugh at this country, they really only give a shit about hammering the poor saps (like me) who actually pay on time and the right amount. The rest just walk off into the sunset with the dosh laughing.
  • so what we saying then ? i dont have relatives in Togo ?
  • The Nigerian scam is so obvious that I can't believe anyone falls for it.

    I had a boiler room scam phone call yesterday - that is far more pernicious "We have quite a few interesting investment opportunities here if you are interested" along with a push-poll type question "If we can show you a way to make a good return with investing your money would you be interested - and how much do you typically invest...". I can see why people fall victim to that scam, it's far more believable.
  • [cite]Posted By: Goonerhater[/cite]so what we saying then ? i dont have relatives in Togo ?
    No, don't be silly.

    They died!
  • Well, its not your cousin Dave, your aunt Sharon, but maybe its your uncle Agbobli Sossou?
  • [cite]Posted By: SE10Addick[/cite]Well, its not your cousin Dave, your aunt Sharon, but maybe its your uncle Agbobli Sossou?

    You sure it ain't Dave though?
  • no Uncle Sossou lives in Woolwich.
  • I once got asked if my fridge was running , I replied corse its running, the man then said you better go catch it then!

    I ran for it only to notice it was a hoax. When I got home my credit card was stolen with my PIN next to it as it was new. Shouldnt of left the door open! ;)

    (i do not know what i am on about on this post)
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  • Reminded me of a brilliant piece from the Fiver

    "To: [email protected] ( mailto:[email protected] )
    From: [email protected]k ( mailto:[email protected] )
    Subject: Re: Please buy my football club for GBP100m

    Dear Mr Ashley,

    We are emailing you to inquire about the possibility of buying Newcastle United Football Club for GBP100m, as advertised on your website. We have always fancied the idea of owning our own football club and are currently in a position to invest in one, having recently received winning notification from Mr Austin Connor, a claim agent with the Ontario Lottery Corporation, that we have won exactly that amount in their latest draw for the promotion of the 2010 Soccer World Cup to be hosted in South Africa. We have been assured that the GBP100m will be deposited in our bank account just as soon as we have sent Mr Connor the GBP10,000 he needs to help facilitate the processing of our claim.

    Speaking of which, we were wondering if, as a gesture of goodwill ahead of our imminent purchase of your football club, you might be able to loan us this GBP10,000, as our own life savings are currently tied up helping Dr (Mrs) Mariam Abacha (M.O.N), the wife of the late head of state and commander-in-chief of the armed forces of the federal republic of Nigeria, who recently emailed us out of the blue to inquire if we might assist her in getting the $80m supposedly misappropriated by her late husband out of Nigeria, packed in trunk boxes in such a way to forestall anybody else having access to it.
    Once we have received our own 40% share of this bounty, we will obviously repay your GBP10,000 in full, with 15% on top for your co-operation. All we need from you is an assurance that you can handle the amount involved comfortably and that we can also trust you with this very arrangement. Oh ... and a cheque for GBP10,000 made out to us.

    Obviously we can imagine that a businessman as shrewd as yourself might be wondering why it is that somebody such as ourselves, who are London-based, overweight, fond of a beer and with neither ties to the north-east nor any discernible trace of business acumen would be willing to pay such an enormous amount of money for a football club, as it seems like the kind of foolhardy impulse-buy that only a congenital idiot would undertake, particularly without checking the books first. But you look trustworthy and have a nice face, not unlike that of the idiot that one might encounter sitting on a stile outside any English village.

    We look forward to hearing from you by return mail,

    All the best,

    The Fiver.

    PS While we are aware that you are looking for GBP100m for your club, we were wondering if perhaps you'd be willing to consider selling it for a knockdown price, as there are certain parts of it that we don't actually want: the entire playing staff, those fat blokes whose job it is to convene outside it and cheer raucously every time a new consignment of stationery is delivered to the club office, Shearer's bar, Shearer's tattoo parlour, Shearer's replica shirt shop, Shearer Stottie cake shop and Shearer."
  • [cite]Posted By: uncle[/cite]People are still actually falling for this and doing loads of money in the process. Generally the elderly are the ones..... So be careful Oggy ;-)

    On your knees, boy ..... I am the King of Togo.
    And I've got £14 quid in my bank account.
  • You want Unc to get on his knees Oggy? Ooh Matron ;-)
  • You know me, Lil'Sis ..... just can't afford to be fussy these days.

  • That's not the impression I got from the Eastenders would ya thread, Oggy.
  • [cite]Posted By: aliwibble[/cite]That's not the impression I got from the Eastenders would ya thread, Oggy.

  • A scam I heard about that is quite clever is the 'Stock Market Prediction Scam'. You receive an email telling you whether the FTSE100 will go up or down over the next month. The next month, you get another prediction...and so on for 6 months, At the end of 6 months, they write to say 'Invest with us' we were right 6 months running. The trick - they only continue to email those where they got it right - in other words it's a 1 in 128 chance, but if they start with 128000 email addresses 1000 will be right. Clever.
  • Just look at the emailers IP address. Now doubt it will lead to a interent Cafe in Lagos.

    You can have some real fun with these characters, they will do anything to get money out of you.
  • Goonerhater. Sorry for the loss of your relative. There is always much sadness at times like this and I hope you have someone who will lend you a shoulder to cry on.
  • TT
    edited January 2010
    have a look at this website for a bloke that baits them. He's got some crackers where he's asked them to act as voice over artists on a CD book, goes back time and time again to say the inflection is wrong and that they need to do it all again and send it to him.
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