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Mad Men - Series 3.

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Anyone else looking forward to the return of this series on Wednesday?



  • Not followed Mad Men 1 and 2 but intend to get involved this time round. Hope having missed series 1 and 2 I can make sense of it.
  • I've watched it all on download - I'd say it's better than seasons 1 & 2 :o)
  • Ding Dong.....

    Loved the first series, thought the second lacked the friction and became melodrama. I'll happily watch the third but if it doesn't improve then that's it for me.
  • Just started watching this. Damn - it's easy to watch. Did four episodes in a row on the train back from jockland yesterday. Don't see the attraction in Hendricks (other than the funbags, obviously). January Jones, on the other hand, is absolutely f***ing gorgeous in it.
  • Holy Christ was I wrong about Hendricks. She is one of the most f***able women I have ever seen. Grrrrrowl
  • Red head and red hot
  • Never mind that. The Killing series two coming in the autumn.
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