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So...I won a ticket to Arse v Man U on Sunday in a charity raffle at work (upper tier - I missed out on the Exec box tickets).

I fancy going, but reckon I'm going to be knackered by sunday afternoon already & this'll knock me for half the following week (long-standing health issue). I offered it to a Gooner mate that I trust, but he can't go.

I'd sell it, but the problem is it's a corporate ticket & other people from my company will be there too - so if I sell it to some twat that gets pissed-up it's going to reflect on me.

Any thoughts/advice?


  • You whispered GH?
  • It'll be on telly so you won't have to go. Keep it and pretend you went anyway.
  • One of the other guys that won a ticket works in the same department...
  • Get in touch with your favourite charity and see if they want to raffle it.
  • [cite]Posted By: F-Blocker[/cite]One of the other guys that won a ticket works in the same department...

    Why dont you speak to him and see if he has a friend who would like to go, shame thought would be a good game

    Or maybe you can speak to the people who done the raffle and ask what they think you should do? as if is a health issue you definatley cant go!

    Best of luck with it all mate
  • Only one man.

    Prior (N)
  • I'll take it for free =)
  • he would be sacked deffo
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