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admin, can we ban politics

It is very tiring getting involved in rows about politics and no one changes their pre conceived views anyway. With an election coming up it is only going to get worse as well. Can't we just ban politics on here as it leads to some people giving out personal abuse and is divisive at a time we should all be pulling together to laugh at the spotty nigels and the orange tosser.


  • If it's tiring getting involved in rows about politics, do you know what the best thing to do is.....

    Regardless, unlike the Old Firm stuff politics does affect us in everyday life - and even in the football world so it's not as easy to blanket ban/delete posts as soon as "government" or anything like that is mentioned.

    Have a look at the other "admin" thread you started - a made a few points on there.

    If BFR and GH just hugged it out, the world would be a less angry place.
  • It would indeed. I try not to get involved, honest, but I usually cave in.
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    You're probably arguing with yourself - just forgotten which login you are using. ;-)
  • He has a point though WSS.
  • If people could just respect that other people have didn't opinions there wouldn't be a problem. :-(
  • But it is difficult sometimes when that opinion seems to be formed in a brain the size of a pea, or from what it says on the cover of the Daily Nazi...
  • [cite]Posted By: SoundAsa£[/cite]He has a point though WSS.
    He sure does. But where does it stop if we start going down that route?

    Do we start banning Lloyd Sam topics because of those who rate Lloyd Sam and those who don't after a few personal comments it gets heated?

    Do we ban attendance topics because people think oohahh is a boring old sod going on about it all the time?
  • Ermmmm....Yes and yes.....LOL!!
  • [cite]Posted By: WSS[/cite]Do we ban attendance topics because people think oohahh is a boring old sod going on about it all the time?
    Actually that's not a bad idea at all!
  • Just ignore the threads - it's easy
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  • Steve, mate, if you look at the last two main 'political threads'. "0.1% Growth" and "Climate Change Scum, again" they have both been started by people from your side of the political divide to provoke a reaction. Some of the stuff on the 'Climate Change' thread turned out to be pretty good reasoned argument. Trouble is you get a few spoilers that cause the whole thing to go to pot. And I'm afraid your mate GH is the worst. What are his politics anyway? Seems a very confused man to me!

    Like you say nobody is going to be swayed either way but not a reason to have it banned. Free speech and all that....
  • Keep the politics ban the keyboard attacks on other members. Debate should never be banned, personal insults take us no where.
  • Wouldn't the banning of politics be a political act?
  • anyone watch newswipe this week? this thread reminds me of it. news for news sake and publicity for publicity sake.
  • Ban politics???

    Surely politics is life, how can you ban life???

    This is a football board, that's how.

    I will be watching all you lefties though cos you do manage to slip one in, even Henry Irving on a "would ya" thread about Peter Robinsons wife!

    BTW....Rangers 10 points clear!!!
  • [cite]Posted By: D_F_T[/cite]Ban politics???
    BTW....Rangers 10 points clear!!!

    Yes they are but I dont think they are in any danger of going down.
    Way I see it, it will be the bottom 3 as they are. Palace will still have enough in their squad.
  • Ignore as i do, i do not have a scooby about politics so would not get into a discussion

    Those who want to discuss it in a civilised manner should be allowed, those that dont just ignore simples :-)
  • we don't 'ban' anything, though subjects that have a history of proving contraversial, and rarely have a sane outcome are actively discouraged (religion, politics etc). As are those clearly designed to provoke a negative reaction

    It is a football site that opens up the discussion boundaries to other topics. Pure Charlton / football would make it too rigid.

    But it basically requires an iota of common sense on the participants on whether they what they post is suitable for something primarily a football site. It also requires adults to act like well, adults.

    Why anyone would want to get into a row on a football site with a fellow fan on something completely unrelated i can't understand for the life of me. Clearly have too much free time or little to get excited about.

    Those that consistently try to instigate what are deemed as contraversial topics or consistently over time can't be civil to fellow users run the risk of being excluded from the site. Given how few have been over the last few years i think proves that is a rare outcome we try to avoid as much as possible.

    Though i have no issue with non-football subjects, the one thing that does grate me a little is the amount of people that come here that have more interest to talk about other stuff, than Charlton. There are at this moment in time, 48 people on line, and probably between 300-400 members who have logged in so far this morning. How many of them have even bothered to click on the poll at the top of the forum on what they think the result will be on Saturday ? 15.
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    I usually miss the sticky items, which is a shame as WSS does a great preview. I expect after a game, especially a defeat! You'll get more people talking about it, perhaps people are to shy to make a prediction?

    21 people have voted now. 2 & 1, why do these numbers make me think of cabbage? ;-)
  • Can we can women from football too?
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  • I haven't voted yet because I don't know whether or not to continue my season long superstition of predicting a defeat after Monday's blip.
  • [cite]Posted By: AFKABartram[/cite]
    Though i have no issue with non-football subjects, the one thing that does grate me a little is the amount of people that come here that have more interest to talk about other stuff, than Charlton.

    That's a fair point AFKA. I would just say that for myself personally, away at uni, a lack of posts on specific Charlton matters doesn't necessarily show a lack of interest in the club.

    Charlton Life for me is a kind of extended match report. where from all the different opinions I can generally get a decent idea of what's going on at the club, how the matches have gone, and which players are playing well. Stuck in Leeds, I've only managed to get to 4-5 games this season (including Leeds away and Brentford at home so slightly spoiled!) and my views on matches would largely be opinions based on others opinions, which are often difficult to give.

    So I come here often to read rather than post about the Charlton stuff, and occasionally get dragged into commenting on other non-Charlton topics. In terms of posting, my Charlton involvement is more passive. but that doesn't mean I'm not using the site first and foremost to keep up with Charlton.
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