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WTF - Clever Internet Game Thing



  • He got Mr Hanky the Christmas Poo! And loads of others, even god! haha It's mad! But how long did it take to create, someone must off been working on it for ages to get that many people on it! Probably thousands to millions on there!
  • I tried to get Nicky Bailey and it guessed Scott Parker!

    Bailey is officially the new 'Parker-type player'. FACT.
  • Got John Wayne but couldn't get an even bigger cowboy, Donkey Dowie...
  • Completely innocuous questions, and then it got Myra Hindley at the first time!!

    Within about 7 questions, it clearly 'knew' I was thinking of Tony the Tiger from the Frosties ads.

  • It didn't get Wendy Hurrell or Abi Titmuss which tells me that (a) it's rubbish and (b) I need help if they're the first two people I could think of...
  • Could not get first ten i entered,then it got Tony Blair after 20 questions.
  • 20 questions and got our new bird on countdown
  • Very Random ones it guessed from me, no fkin lying either!! The kids love it.

    Jabba the Hut
    Shermanator from American Pie,( how the fck?)
    Jeff Stelling
    Clive Mendonca
    Optimus Prime
  • Zippy
    DJ Tiesto
    Danny Dyer

    the Akinator, pwoper nawty.
  • Had Akpo Sodje in mind and got this: 363088__1381144721.jpg

    But then had Stewie Griffin in mind and got really freaked out by this!: 145577__1917417358.gif
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  • edited February 2010
    Just got Andy Pipkin, The Bride from Kill Bill and very spooky was Micah from Paranormal Activity....
  • edited February 2010
    Got Stephen Hawking in 20
    Failed with Elgar though.

    *EDIT* Also got Sloth from the Goonies, Mike Holmes of that Canadian home improvement show and Paddington Bear. Didn't get Paul Mortimer though.
  • Got -
    Jason Bourne
    Scooby Doo

    took 3 attempts to get Paulo Di Canio

    Couldn't get Inspector Sands!
  • beat it first time out with Gene Clark
  • It got Nicky Bailey 2nd time
  • Well, he never got Brian Cant !
  • didn't get reg from The Bill
  • Jeez, but just got Horatio Nelson, Adrian Chiles, Bob Hoskins, Slash, Telly Savalas, He-Man and Frank Spencer all first time!
  • This is awesome! It got Clive Mendonca, Count Duckula and 'your mum'.
  • I've got Kinsella. Hasn't guessed it so far but has come close with Andy Reid, Roy Keane and Neil Lennon....
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