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Will be Clinton Morrison rumours tomorrow

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Not so keen on that one i'm afraid.

Pretty sure Eastwood will be going to Fulham, we were always having to get one striker in, with Bent out injured or sold, i'm not sure where the two of decent enough quality are going to come from.


  • AFKA, why worry? Soon we'll have "Liverpool Hat trick hero" Kevin Lisbie back to fitness.
  • Great! Why are we always linked with the same kind of deadbeat striker? He's no better than Marcus.

    I want Eastwood... there's something about him. And we could do "Make My Day" T-shirts.
  • Kevin Lisbie is not a premier league player, he is nothing short of a waste of space and should be dumped, an absolute waste of money,DEMANDS a free transfer and no-one comes in for him,club takes him off the transfer list,goes to derby, gets injured,derby are not interested maybe we could loan him to west ham, sure curbs would love him(yes man no man 3 curbs full man)RUBBISH. should have gone a long time ago.
  • think you need to get your facts straight badger , he didn't ask for a free transfer and even though he could have got one at the end of last season he stayed .

    When he was at the end of his last contract the only problem he had was that he was only offered a one year deal and as a family man who had just had another baby he wanted more security.
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    Morrison's available in the Summer on a free
  • call me stupid, but wtf has this got to do with anything !!!!!!!!!
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    Well, he might offer some options up front if we were able to sign him
  • so what ???????

    nothing to do with Charlton so why use this site...........esp under a thread to do with player transfers etc.

    If you need to post somehing so pointless then next time please start a new thread.
  • So, you're a "maybe"?
  • You really want another former Palace player? He's on good money anyway, well out of a League One clubs reach.
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  • [cite]Posted By: churley1[/cite]You really want another former Palace player? He's on good money anyway, well out of a League One clubs reach.
    I'm hoping we won't be a L1 club in the Summer
  • Signed for Sheffield Wednesday
  • Another player who would spend more time in the treatment room than on the pitch. Good.
  • Seems Irvine is putting together a pretty useful league one squad, can see them bouncing straight back.
  • [quote][cite]Posted By: covered end junior[/cite]Signed for Sheffield Wednesday[/quote]

    Shame hoping Pardew would snap him up
  • We in for signing Freddy Eastwood? in the mould of our very own Killer Hales? I really like the look of him as a player....
  • 37 and on a two year deal.

    Personally I think he'll score a few, and his injury record is nowhere near as bad as McKenzie's but we can't afford to be risking what would be a big League 1 wage on a 37 year old for two years.
  • Clinton Morrison can't be 37?
  • He isn't 37? Is he?

    Good signing for them will get a few goals at this level.
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    [cite]Posted By: Scoham[/cite]Clinton Morrison can't be 37?

    he's 31
    [cite]Posted By: ValliantEffort[/cite]We in for signing Freddy Eastwood? in the mould of our very own Killer Hales? I really like the look of him as a player....

    Pardew tried to sign him when he was at southend. both us and wolves had bids accepted and he choose them. think he soon regretted it - he had a horrible time there.
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  • He's 31 good signing if they can keep him fit.
  • at League 1 level Morrison will score about twenty imo. I would have said yes please for him to sign for us. Wednesday are putting together a more than useful squad. Top two imo.
  • apologies for the 37, was scanning the wednesday site and saw 37-cap and in my haste missed the cap part.

    Still don't think we could offer him a 2 year deal. Say we don't go up this year, next years budget will be reduced even more, and his large wages would be a Maoutakil-style millstone round our neck. If we're offering 2 year deals, they need for younger players on not much money imo.

    Wednesday are looking like a good team but they have the budget for it. We couldn't realistically be signing any of their signings on the contracts they are giving them. Wednesday are doing what Norwich did last year in that they are able to make a lot of signings. Can't realistically seeing them and Southampton in this league by this time next year.....
  • Can see Sheff Wed being the team to beat this year.
  • Where is Eastwood now?
  • [quote][cite]Posted By: valleyman[/cite]Where is Eastwood now?[/quote]

    Southend on his hols
  • I think Morrison is a big gamble for them. His career is only going one way.
  • [cite]Posted By: valleyman[/cite]Where is Eastwood now?

    Coventry, not really done it there.

    Be interested in what Morrison's wages are in comparison to what we are looking to pay. Within budget, i think he would have chose us other Wednesday if we were interested.
  • [cite]Posted By: valleyman[/cite]Where is Eastwood now?

    The wheels on his house go round and round
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