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  • They can have him. Too injury prone, bit of a show pony and too often little or no final ball. If we could get a decent fee for him it would be good business IMO
  • If his current state is full fitness God knows what he is like when unfit!

    I would be reluctant to see Thomas go though. He wins a lot of free kicks, can hold the ball up and is capable of putting in a decent cross. I just hope Pardew can knock the Bertie Bigbollocks attitude out of him that he seems to have had of late.
  • Bit of a shame - but he never manages to stay fit for long, doesn't play at his best often enough and played so awfully against Wycombe that I would happily take £1M.

    And even if the money goes to the club instead of me I could probably live with it.
  • whatever we get its going to be significantly more than what we paid for him.

    unlike Diawara, Faye, Rommedahl etc
  • I'd be sorry to see him go. One of our very few creative players and unplayable on his day (Spurs at home 2 years ago being one that sticks in my mind). Sadly his day isn't very often though but i think it'd be a mistake to sell him and see him fulfil his promise elsewhere.
  • not unless we get a replacement, Ambrose is Pony Romm is a tart, which makes him our best winger..
  • Against team like Wycombe and Forest when he came on he plays as if to say

    'I shouldn't be playing against this team'

    Has got a very decent final ball now though, which Romm aint.
  • Yeah he does have a bit of an attitude... remeber his celebration against Fulhamthe 'im the bollocks/cant touch this/pimp pinch' celebration.... I still think hes good... Ive always liked him... I think with the right players around him he will come good...
  • JT is our only little show pony - I'd say keep em. Once we get a decent team together I am sure he will become a better and more effective player.
  • 14 months ago he was being touted for the England squad.

    How the mighty have fallen.
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  • hearing rumours Fulham way this may be happening.....
  • Would hate to see him go, honestly think when hes at full fitness he is probably one of our best players. If we have someone like Walton playing and winning stuff for him it will alllow him to run with it more.
  • don't look like this will happen now, expect Fulham to announce Simon Davies from Everton for £2m.
  • [cite]Posted By: AFKA Bartram[/cite]don't look like this will happen now, expect Fulham to announce Simon Davies from Everton for £2m.

    Isnt he RM?
  • plays wide right and wide left.

    Unless it means Routledge is being flogged by Spurs.
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