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5k fine for Kettering Chairman

I hope you don't mind me posting this, but the Kettering chairman has just been fined 5k and made to make an apology for comments he made about the Conference board and the way that they run the competition - his 'apology' is priceless.
I hope the link works -


  • Priceless
  • Very good. Hugely unprofessional, but very good.
  • Excellent response, will be listening to the non league show on monday with interest.
  • Great stuff...thanks Genesis.
  • I'm thinking that Simon would fit in well in the Conference.
  • What a legend
  • Brilliant, was he the guy who appointed Gazza as manager?
  • One imraan ladak there's only one imraan ladak.....

    Quality response, just shows how old school the non league set up is.

    Conference board members, farrah trousers, v neck jumpers and club ties....
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  • edited March 2010
    I hate Imraan Ladak, simply because he fired me on Football Manager after taking Kettering from the Conference North to the Premiership in 15 seasons, then sacked me after a mediocre start to the season. After all I'd done for them.
    [cite]Posted By: ChrisWhytesBaldhead[/cite]Brilliant, was he the guy who appointed Gazza as manager?

    He was indeed the guy who appointed Gazza. I believe he's the chap on the left here (EDIT: I don't think I needed to point out it was the chap on the left, rather than the right!):

  • Just to put the other side of the coin guys, Imran is viewed in much the same way as we view Jordan, Kettering fans love him - some of them anyway - while everyone else thinks he's a paper hat.

    Ladek did indeed appoint Gazza only to fire him 39 days later because he had a drink problem. Gee, was anyone aware of Gazza's problem?

    In the Poppies replay at Elland Road he ordered assistant manager John Deehan (player/manager Lee Harper was in goal) to make certain substitutions. When he refused, Deehan was sacked after the match.

    The lease on Kettering's ground is due to expire in a couple of years time & Conference rules require teams to own their ground or have a minimum 10 year lease in place. Kettering struck a deal for a supermarket to buy some land on the edge of town. The supermarket were to pay the lion's share of buiding the stadium. Great negotiating by Ladek except that it was categorically stated that land was not for retail use so the local council threw the idea out.

    Ladek's reaction was to get the players to take 'red card the council' signs on to the pitch for the televised home match with Leeds. The Conference require member clubs to have grounds within their borough & Kettering have until the end of the month to sort something out.

    Ladek reguarly wages war on referees, the football authorities, you name it, he goes to war. It's all an act to deflect attention away from his own shortcomings. Taken in isolation, I agree his response is funny. Know the man a little & you would just pass it off as another of his stunts. Non-league's answer to the Orange One.
  • Agree with Red God. I only know one Kettering fan and he hates Ladek. Therefore, I'll assume they all do ;-)

    It's entertaining reading, but the man himself doesn't seem to be much good for the club he owns.
  • Another pearler from the Conference mafia - I was talking to a couple of Ilkeston fans at Northwich a couple of weeks ago and the league dons have inform their club that, to meet present criteria they need to extend their changing rooms by 1m, otherwise face demotion.
    At a cost of 40k for the alterations, the fans are assuming the worst.
  • How are thing Tricky these days? See that you are safe, if you hadn't had those 10 points docked then playoffs?
  • Cheers for asking BDL - hopefully we will both be enjoying the playoffs at the end of season !
    We have currently hit some good form and not lost in the last six, and hopefully winning our 4th on the bounce tomorrow night at Vauxhall motors will see us only 3 point off the playoffs.
    PS: I look out for your results each game now and then come on the forum to see your thoughts.
    PPS: I also like the new bird on countdown thread!!!!
  • Thanks for the post, Genesis.

    KTFC has now been forced to remove the apology..

    I have a different view of Ladak and think the comparison to Simon Jordan is unfair. We are not Kettering Town supporters, but have followed the club with some interest because of Ladak's involvement. He's controversial, but his stewardship has generally been good for the club and they have a pot to piss in -- in sharp contrast to those at Selhurst.
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