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Season ticket upgrade question.

Hey, can anybody help me on this one please?
This weekend I lent mine and my little brothers season tickets to my mum and her partner. The u18 ticket needed to be upgraded, and I rang the club to see if there was a way of doing it in advance (so the old dear could just go straight to her seat) but they informed me they couldn't do the upgrade on the phone, but it could be upgraded on match day, up until half time. No problem.
I then get a call at half time from my mum. She told me that she had to buy a full price ticket because they do not upgrade family stand season tickets on weekends!? Can anybody point out an obvious reason for this please, as I live about 80 miles away from the ground and cant make it down during the week if I want to upgrade in the future.
Cheers in advance!


  • I think the logic, which I disagree with, is to reduce queues on matchdays and therefore encourage you to upgrade before the game.

    As I say though, I disagree and would complain, especially seeing as you had called ahead.
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    The club doesn't upgrade U18 tickets for the family section because children are part of the season-ticket deal, i.e. the adult season ticket is cheaper in this area because the adult is accompanied by a child. An exception is made for evening matches because it is recognised that younger children may not be able to attend these.

    If the caller did not disclose that the ticket was in the family stand then it will have been assumed that the normal rules apply.
  • Cheers Airman! It's just I have upgraded before and there wasn't a problem, so the ticket office must have made a mistake previously! Thanks for the answer.
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