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Biggest Mistake Parky made IMHO....

Was the decision not to rest Nicky Bailey against Stockport... Bailey is one of very few players in the football league to have started every single league game and i believe since the game against Stockport Bailey hasn't been at his best for us. Although, IMHO since the busy christmas period he has not been the same. If Parky rested Bailey against Stockport then i believe he would have played more like himself against Millwall and Gillingham. Considering that Stockport was a game we should of won even without Bailey i also felt Parky could have rested another couple of players e.g Dailly, maybe Elliot.


  • when you say 'rested' i think you're being polite to the players you've mentioned .... 'dropped' would have been the word i'd have used
  • I can think of a few games recently I would have 'rested' Bailey
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    when you say busy christmas period, did you mean 2 games in 3 days and then a break for nearly 3 weeks?
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    and the stockport game ended as a contest after 10 minutes as both sides settled on taking 2-0 as a result,so you are probably right though in that this was his opportunity to rest him
  • [cite]Posted By: ThreadKiller[/cite]when you say busy christmas period, did you mean 2 games in 3 days and then a break for nearly 3 weeks?

    My mistake your clearly right although the week before was the 4-4 against Millwall which must of knackered him a bit lol.
  • "What is really quite bad form is that Charlton, we understand, were aware of his first interview, were aware he was in the final series of interviews and then, of course, that he had been offered the job and accepted it."

    “It was only then that they came along with sacks of money, and I must say that if I were in Phil’s position I would wonder why they waited so long.”

    I think this was one of our clubs biggest mistakes , i think they fancied parky as pardew's eventual replacement and didn't wanna see him slip off too early, so they spunked more money on keeping him as pardews side kick , no wonder he's been such a brave hard done by soldier seeing us thru this truly exciting and successful period of charlton history... the board nailed it again or maybe pardew smooth talked them into it , whatever way it all stinks !
  • Maybe playing him on the left rather then in the middle was why he was so crap against Millwall.
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