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Intersting reading

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Brighton chat website link to Nicky Forster.....interesting reading

No doubt we will be booing him soon.................


  • I know, I know, INTERESTING
  • A player is rated by all the fans of a club he's left, really not used to reading that.
  • Some pretty gutted folk on there
  • As long as there not doing what we did when hearts were in for izale, bigging him up etc
  • nice to see Gritty get a mention in one of the posts as a legend

    Legend? Nowhere near. Charlie Webb, Lawrenson, Steve Foster, Brian Horton, Peter Ward, Sergei Gotsmanov, Zamora, Alan Mullery, Steve Gritt, and Robbie Reinalt are legends. Forster was a good 3rd division player. Sadly liked he "players trade union" and talked a load of garbage. He clearly didn't understand the principles of a fixed term contract - its fixed for a period and nobody has to give you another one. Shame his misguided toys throwing meant that he had to go.
  • Just read that Forster has a young son who he wants to go to an it maybe a double signing?
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