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Charlton related numberplates



  • Best one ive seen was something along the lines of:

    WH0 2 BE A

    and underneath in small writing it had gooner
  • My last 3 letters are EFC!!!!
  • my number plate ends with CFC

    guy down my road got 'BAD M0F0' on his land rover and 'F3CK U' on his van.
  • has anyone sen the black chrysler jeep around eltham/welling with the number plate C1 MEN who would want to drive around with that on there car
  • [cite]Posted By: Badger[/cite]Saw this today C4FC B car heading towards the m25 from crayford.
    I think that's Brian Cole's Mercedes.
  • Ex Bike racer Steve Parrish, team mate to the late Barry Sheene tuned up to a trackday i was on a year ago. He had a Merc with the reg number PEN15. Made me smile.

    I find personal number plates toe curling. Especially the ones that dont work like when saddos have to add a black nut n bolt so it make to ll a H, these ones should be called pikeyplates.

    It like walking round with your name accross your T-shirt, you wouldn't do that would ya. Mind you there always seems to be a lot ot Ted Bakers at bluewater!
  • Picked up C4 FCF about 6 years ago for under £300.
  • lovely ferrari with C4FC S............lives somewhere around sevenoaks
  • Not me in Crayford today Friend or Defoe
  • Seen plenty of BM08 plates
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