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form dipping

does anyone have any sensible suggestions why our form dips in the final third of the season. it's been happening for the past 6 or 7 seasons and can't be just coincidence surely?

taking into account injuries and poor tactical nuance from the managers in charge. is there any other factors, like poor fitness coaching, are our players not capable of lasting a full term? or is it psychological.

it was interesting seeing the piece they did on birmingham on motd2 and on how they were trying to dispel the general doom and gloom that's surrounded the club for decades, could we be suffering in the same manner and do we need to follow suit?

i mean the only consistency we've had these past few seasons has been in our ability to fall away at the final hurdle and we've got a very tough run in this season, so could quite well continue the trend.

are we a club rooted firmly in the "glass half empty" category and does that ultimately transmit to the players and their performances?


  • W3 D2 L2 So far so good
  • come on boys, there must be some soothe sayers on charlton life?
  • When we were in the Prem we would hit 40 points and all the players would relax because they were safe for another year, hence our form dipped. In our last year in the prem and last year our form was dismal all season not just the last few games....that leaves our first season in the Champ where we sold Reid in Jan and this year where we have effectively been found out in terms of other teams realising you just needed to get in the players faces and hassle them to stop them playing footy - this actually happened some time ago not just in the last few weeks IMO.
  • We probably got better in the final third last season; it was the middle third that relegated us as we didn't win a game.
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