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How many times have we played well this season?

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Not another Parky thread, more about the quality [lack of] of this League.

How many times would you have come away thinking; 'We actually played really well today'

Going through the games i would put this list forward:

Leyton Orient (A) 1-2 (2nd half performance)
Hartlepool (A) 0-2 (team full of confidence)
Tranmere (A) 0-4 (like watching Brazil)
Leeds (A) 0-0 (superb defensive display in a 180 mph winds)
MK dons (H) 5-1 (putting the Cup defeats behind us)
Swindon (H) 2-2 (9 men heroic display)
Yeovil (A) 1-1 (10 men for 60 mins in dreadful conditions)

Maybe a couple of others/couple less depending on opinions, but i shouldn't think much more. Been a few games where we've done 'ok' but not particuarly dominated.

So 7 times out of 37 games we've actually played 'well' yet still sit 3 points off an automatic place. Amazes me, but at the same time shows this League for what it's for. Norwich seemed to be the only side who actually look like they shouldn't be in this League & if we do somehow go up, we won't be able to get away with so many average performances against sides that will punish us. Would we actually stay up if we got promoted?


  • I would add to that list

    Brentford (H)
    Norwich (A) - certainly did in the first half. We sat back second half but still did well I thought.
  • I thought Huddersfield at home was a great game of football
  • I think a lot of clubs in this league will say the same. As you say, only Norwich look too good for this league. Last season we wanted Parky judged on results not performances, and he's got us with a chance for 2nd place with less than 10 games to go.

    We wouldn't stay up with this team, but we wouldn't be in this position without improving the squad in the summer/during the season like we did. Ambrose, Zheng etc were always going and we already have their replacements, it was regulars like Hudson and gaps in the team that needed replacing with new signings. We still have gaps and weaknesses in the squad and we'd have to sort those out to stay up if we get promoted.
  • Bristol Rovers at home also.
  • [cite]Posted By: creepyaddick[/cite]I thought Huddersfield at home was a great game of football

    Best game I've been to this season.
  • Not in any order:

    Huddersfield (H) - The best we've played all season
    Orient (A)
    Yeovil (Home and Away)
    Wycombe (Home and Away)
    Brentford (H)
    MK Dons (H)
    Swindon (H)
    Millwall (H) - Our attacking play
    Leeds (A)
    Tranmere (A)
    Hartlepool (A)
    Southampton (H)
    Bristol Rovers (H)
  • [quote][cite]Posted By: The Red Robin[/cite]Not in any order:
    Millwall (H) - Our attacking play

    Dear oh dear.

    Once shot on target, and out played by ten men.

    Possibly the easiest fan to please in the history of the game.
  • I thought the performance at Northwich Victoria was rather underestimated.
  • Wycombe home and away? have a laugh pal

    why not just go the whole hog and list every home win and away win or draw
  • There's a thread lower down about Nathan's girlfriends Prophet - go and put your tuppence in there.
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  • So you were pleased with your home performance vs Millwall then PL54?
  • Go away
  • does it matter. we are 3 points off 2nd and the only games that matter now are the ones we have yet to play!
  • We will, on May 8th.
  • I thought first 70mins against Wycombe on opening day we were good, away lucky to get 3 points
    MK Dons, Bristol Rovers, Brentford, Yeovil, Huddersfield at home.
    Also thought we played well at Brighton, a good solid away win and could have had more than 2. Also Orient, Tranmere, Hartlepool away
    Walsall away we dominated for long periods but had no cutting edge

    Barnet in JP was good aswell
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