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Next season's team assuming...

we don't go up. Also assuming that a proportion of the fees for Bailey, Semedo and Racon will be made available for signings, and that most players out of contract will leave:

Richardson, Sodje, Basey, Youga
Martin, Shelvey, Jackson, Reid
Burton, Pittman

And in the squad:

Randolph, Solly, Mambo, Jenkinson, Wagstaff, Stavrinou, Davisson, Tuna, Perkins.

I assume the youngsters will be required to "step up to the plate".

Just trying out my brand new name...


  • But we will go up so Shhhhh. :p
  • Don't even want to think about it to be honest.
  • poor post! ssssshhhhhhhhhhh
  • What!? When I was only out for a test drive in my new name? And I just happened to mention the possibility... oh, yeah. Sorry.
  • [cite]Posted By: gilbertfilbert[/cite]What!? When I was only out for a test drive in my new name?

    lol but at least do it with a positive post ;o)
  • Impossible to say apart from the youngsters would all play a part. Could end up with anything from 3/4 loans and frees to 7/8 depending on who leaves.

    Hopefully we won't have to bump this thread in a few months time though.
  • youngsters will certainly have to play a major part. that team there,though, would get nowhere near promotion.

    let's hope it doesnt come to this, and if it does, that Parky (or other) can find some gems
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