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bbc End of Season Predictions

Time to predict what will happen at the end of the season

Can anyone predict the promoted sides and the sides that make the play-offs as well as the relegated sides?

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  • Championship
  • Last but not least Premiership
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    Easy ;o) we only have to outscore leeds by a few to go 2nd on GD ;o)
  • My top 6 finished:
    1) Norwich 93 points (GD 41)
    2) Millwall 87 points (GD 35)
    3) Leeds 87 points (GD 32)
    4) Charlton 87 points (GD 25)
    5) Swindon 85 points (GD 18)
    6) South'tn 78 points (GD 41)

    My actual scoring predictions between Charlton, Leeds and Millwall are as follows:

    Millwall: 1-1 Huddersfield (a), 2-1 Leyton Orient (h), 1-2 Tranmere (a), 1-1 Swindon (h) Form = DWWD

    Leeds: 1-2 Gilling'hm (a), 1-0 MK Dons (h), 2-1 Charlton (a), 1-1 Bristol Rovers (h) Form = WWLD

    Charlton: 1-1 Norwich (h), 1-2 Exeter (a), 2-1 Leeds Utd (h), 0-2 Oldham (a) Form = DWWW
  • [cite]Posted By: Dazzler21[/cite]Easy ;o) we only have to outscore leeds by a few to go 2nd on GD ;o)
    Nice! Not that it matters but you forgot Yoevil V Southampton.
  • Even if Southampton win 5 games out of their last 5, if Huddersfield get 8 points out of their last 12 - then the lights go out at St Mary's.

    Starting at 7:45 pm on Friday, Huddersfield are now my second team!
  • [cite]Posted By: Dazzler21[/cite]Easy ;o) we only have to outscore leeds by a few to go 2nd on GD ;o)[div class=Attachments id=Attachments_677483][ul][div]100.JPG[/div][/ul][/div]

    Good call. Let's do that.
  • Thread stealer!!!! you have now responsible for my threads demise shame on you ;o)
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  • jolly robin that will never happen. I cant see Leeds taking just a couple of points in their last 4 games. the team performance is a massive contrast since sulky beckford was dropped. I can see Leeds taking around 10 points from 12 now if they perform the way they have done in the last 2 games. Mk dons and brizzle rovers at home to come. The big game will be away at charlton and Leeds have the best away record in the league, surprisingly so I think a minimum 1 point from that.
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