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I am. Still

That was an enjoyable session yesterday, I was really, really pissed!

Did anyone else know the Anchor & Hope was closed yesterday?

I have spent the day on the sofa (haven't moved much from where I woke at 4am to watch the Mayweather fight with dribble down my face and fell asleep again)

Cheers for AFKA for prompting me into a sprint to the station I still haven't recovered from!!!


  • they said would be closed after the match, shit innit? did you see me outside before the match i nearly got chucked into the thames lol
  • No Liberal all the way beforehand
  • Didn't touch a drop before the game.

    But have been minging allday.

    Went out afterwards. Big session.

    Woke up about 5am feeling a sick as a pike. Apparently I ate the best part of a whole bag of fruit gums when we got in. That ontop of a large number of vodka & monsters and budweiser didn't mix very well.

    Drank so much monster it took me nearly two hours to go back to sleep.
  • I had a minging hangover all day, I went to a christening today and watched the Wednesday Palace game nursing a few hairy dogs.
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