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Cycling for Demelza


I know that there has been a deluge of posts like this recently, along with much discussion on the merits of asking for sponsorship, but I'm going to post this anyway…

At the end of June a group of friends and I shall be cycling over the Alps, from Geneva to Avignon. We'll be cycling approximately 700km (432 miles) in 5 days, travelling up some very famous road climbs, including the Alp D'Huez, the Col Du Galibier and the mighty Ventoux…it's going to be great fun, but extremely hard work - especially for a bunch of middle aged blokes doing Michelin Man impressions...

This is the third year we've done something like this and so far we've raised over £40k for good causes by doing so.

This year, I am looking to raise money for Demelza and so I am hoping that I can count on some of you to get involved and pledge some money to help make my suffering that little bit more bearable.

Just to make clear, this is not an organised charity event or anything like that - it's something that we have organised ourselves, booked ourselves and paid all of the costs for ourselves, so any money donated goes to the chairty and in no way goes anywhere else.

Thanks for reading this far...if you would care to pledge some money or would simply like to find out more about what we're doing, you can do so here:

Thanks all



  • I know that this was widely ignored first time around, but as I'm leaving on Friday I thought I'd give it another go... I'm pleased to say that I have hit my target and - with more money to come in - I shall be sending a cheque to Demelza for approx £1,500 in a couple of weeks...if anyone would like to make it more, then please do feel free...

    Assuming I don't die up a mountain (we've added a couple more Cols to the original route) I shall hopefully be back in a week or so...

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